Having plain, empty walls around you might become a sign of monotony! Bare walls are like a canvas; paint it with your imagination to create unique wall art. They provide you with a chance to turn your dull home into a fun-filled vacation stay by creating beautiful masterpieces.


No matter your style, these easy tips and tricks involving wallpapers can change your interiors in no time, with a minimal budget if ready to walk down the DIY aisle. In case you are looking for a classy home makeover without much pocket pinch, Or want a personalized space for yourself, opting for a customized multi canvas wall display shall be your ultimate home decor partner!


Now, if you are looking forward to similarly revamping your abode, this article might be the ultimate styling guide for you. Listed below are some ideas around styling your home with wall displays.

Tips Around Wall Displays

1.Cover big walls with large scale art

Give big bare walls a touch of charm by adding large-scale art. This way, it makes the place look more open and fresh, without making any significant structural changes. Moreover, with printable wallpapers that allow you and then print it out according to your wall and frame it, it is unnecessary to have a sizeable artistic painting. This way, a small DIY can save you thousands of bucks instantly.

If your walls are light or white, go for the oceanic view to give a vast area illusion. If your rooms are tight-knit and have less carpet area, this wall display idea works the best.

2.Create your picture gallery

What can be more personal than a picture gallery? Create your own sets for a personalized effect. This decor style is a yesteryear trend and stays in the top position by making little changes. There are many picture display ideas, some of them are.

  • Small frames look good if you have confined wall space, try incorporating odd number frames to create an appealing outlook. Print your family picture and make a canvas display, a cheap yet personalized item that will stay with you forever.
  • This DIY idea is for frequent travelers who love exploring new places and experiencing wild adventures. You can make your travel canvas display by incorporating all your adrenaline rush’s and keep it near your eyes. This is a great way to bring your personality onto your walls.

3.Striking ledges for purposeful decor

Give your white wall a tone of purpose with the addition of modern striking shelves. Shelving is versatile as when added to the kitchen, it can be your live spice counter, just by adding small pots of different spices like coriander, chili, mint leaves, cherry tomatoes, and more. Here are some other shelving ideas that will make your walls a creative yet purposeful space.

  • Rope Shelving- You can create this shelving idea by following easy DIYs. You will need wood frames and rope to form a rope ladder. This wall display idea looks great in your bedroom space or living space as a small storage option. Why buy, when you can create one.
  • Permanent wood frames- These frames are locked up to your wall by using wall bearings. You can even keep heavyweights on the edges. Select some geometrical shaped wooden frames, assemble them to create a format, and see how it changes your bare walls.

4.Add Basket Art

Love contemporary styles? Add basket art to your walls for creating ambiance and charm. These art pieces are a perfect way to show some handicraft skill, add textures and patterns to give a fuller approach. These woven platters look great in the dining space and living area. Here are some tips to style basket art.

  • Add various patterns and contrasting colors to give a texture to the bare walls.
  • Select shapes of the platter according to your wall and choices. A round shape is the conventional one. However, the oval and square pattern goes well too.
  • If you have darker shade walls, go for white textured platters as it will bring the contrast well and balance the colors properly. If you have a black or blue shaded accent wall, try these platters in multicolor and shapes.

5.Organize pictures in right angle triangle

For a small streamlined look, this idea seems perfect. All you need to do is get some pictures to frame them and use them for the decor. You can also use existing photo frames to create new space or canvas wall displays. This is a great decor hack for kids’ rooms or living rooms. Here is how you can achieve the perfect outlook.

  • Take the same frames of different sizes and shapes; you can even decorate the frames with glitter or other art supplies.
  • Make a photo collage or a combination of the same image to appear large and in shape.
  • Place the frames like putting pieces in right-angled puzzles.
  • Keep the edges tidy; you can even incorporate a round-shaped clock for a classy finish.

6.Fill your space with Mirrors

Being out the Anglo American decor by making a mirror wall display. Mirror wall display was a huge part of heritage decor and is still widely adopted for creating minimal yet impactful decor statements. Mirrors are magical decor accessories that can make a space look vibrant and classy.  Mirror displays look great on walls near windows, as it creates illusion during sunrise and sunset.

Here are some tips for festooning the walls with mirrors.

  • Add mirrors of different shapes and sizes, assemble them to create a format or pattern.
  • Decorate the mirror display by adding elegant sconces; you can easily find them online.
  • You can add a big designer mirror to your living space to make it appear bigger and expansive.

7.Staircase gallery

The staircase wall is often ignored and stays bare in most of the house. However, this unpurposeful wall can be a great way to show your family lineage through pictures. You can arrange the images in descending or ascending orders for weaving stories down the wall.

Try hitching a line up the staircase with more oversized frames and then keep the smaller frames near the larger ones.  You can even create your pattern and assemble the frames according to it.


Short on budget? Why not try DIYs and buy canvas wall displays. Most of the DIYs recycle waste so that you will find most of the things near you. Decorating the space means utilizing existing or new pieces to create a unique one.


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