best quality plywood
best quality plywood

You always like to live in style and to stay attuned with the latest in fashion and furniture decoration trends. Then, why should your kitchen not stay up to the mark and trendy? Go through this article ahead and enlightened yourself with some of the hottest kitchen trends that you would definitely like to implement into your kitchen-

1. The colours phenomenon is again in

Gone are the days when you used to see kitchens full of pure white colours. In the contemporary times, brown is a la mode, but grey, green and blue are also in fashion. Refacing your kitchen cabinets in your favourite colour laminate is an ideal way to incorporate the latest trend. Cork flooring and vivid mosaic backsplashes are also grabbing rave attention from the professional kitchen designers these days.

2. It’s dramatic impact that makes its mark

Unique and strategically installed windows, open kitchen designs with cosy adjacent sitting nooks, multi-levelled centre islands, built-in seating areas, and kitchens which are kids friendly are all the rage these days in the most popular kitchen trends.

3. Pantries are made to be seen

That’s absolutely right. What was previously a kitchen storage eyesore is now getting a feature attraction of the space. If you are in need of plenty of storage space, then try a walk-in pantry. In case the space in your kitchen is at a premium, then a built-in pantry can be the best possible option. Whichever you select, it creates a trendy focal point inside your kitchen.

4. Plywood is the new way to go trendy and stylish

Needless to say, in the past one and half decade, plywood has completely replaced conventional wood in all types of furniture construction. To keep pace with all the latest trends in your kitchen area, choose the best quality plywood for kitchen and successfully create the desired impact.

5. Sophisticated finishes and touches are again making a comeback

Antique decorative items, beamed ceilings, impact-adding molding, porcelain and ceramic backsplashes, and dramatic lighting can successfully add all the mainstream trendy wows to your modern kitchen.

6. Redecorate around a particular theme

Keep the things in perfect order and believable by way of designing the kitchen around a particular theme which is authentic enough to the age of your home. Or, simply bring back centuries-old Feng Shui friendly kitchen trend which revolves around the energy-raising set up of its furniture pieces.


The above mentioned ideas can be better implemented by opting for the necessary help from a professional interior designer in case you find yourself unable to carry them out well. Professionals can also guide you about the manufacturer of the best quality plywood in India along with many other important issues.


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