designer chest of drawers

A chest of drawers makes your bedroom look neat and organised. It provides you with an additional storage for clothes and towels. Besides, you can also use it to store other smaller stuff for which you can’t use wardrobes, for example, underwear, socks and accessories. In addition to storage, a designer chest of drawers adds to the beauty of your bedroom and makes you feel better.

There is an extensive variety of chests of drawers in the market in both physical and online stores. However, it’s important to choose the right chest according to your style preference and purpose. Here is the buying guide you can use to choose the right designer chest of drawers for your bedroom.

Size and Shape

Take the measurement of your bedroom to decide how big the chest you would need. However, it’s not only the size of the bedroom that you should consider. You also need to ascertain what depth you want for the chest to have. It should be able to leave you enough space to pull the drawers comfortably.

If your existing wardrobe is small, you may want to choose a versatile chest to store a variety of stuff. Also, make a rough list of what all things you’d want to store in it, especially the ones that go on top. If you plan to keep books there, you would want a wider top.


The colour, texture, and design of the chest should match the décor of your bedroom. The design also includes the choice of handle for drawers. Not only do handles make it easy to open the drawers, but they are also a decorative addition to the chest. However, if it’s the kid’s bedroom, handle-less drawers are advisable.

As for shape, decide whether you want a tall, wide or round chest. Tall chests fit modern style bedroom perfectly. For kids bedrooms, a chest of drawers with legs may not be the best choice. You may want a wider chest which is closer to the floor.

Finally, ask yourself what appearance the chest should have. It’s up to your preference whether you want a contemporary chest of a drawer or it’s the vintage look which strikes your fancy.


Do you want a wood, metal or plastic chest? All have their own set of advantages.

Wood: Wood has been the most commonly used material for years. A wooden chest emanates a unique elegance. Wood looks great for both traditional and model types of the designer chest of drawers.

Metal: No other chest reflects a better vintage appearance than a metal one. Metal chests also come in the modern-looks category. They’re heavier, sturdy and different.

Plastic: If you are not very specific about the material and texture, you can consider plastic chests. They’re cheaper, light-weight and easy to maintain. Also, they give a long list of colour options to choose from.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with its care instructions. It will help you this aesthetical addition to your bedroom for several years to come.


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