If you are looking for a progressive and innovative Street Furniture Company, then this is the place for you. Our collection consists of a huge range of outdoor furniture each of which look equally appealing. All our products are characterised by sustainable use of raw materials. 

Our team of professionals are extremely skilled and speak the language of furniture. We offer the best value for each of our products. Your furniture will be delivered to you within the mentioned time without any delay or excuses. We will provide you with the best possible services so that you keep coming back to us for more.

Our range of products

Our vast range of extraordinary products include planters, seating, tree seats, picnic tables, curved seats, etc. We are one of the most popular street furniture suppliers for all types of environments be it a park or a station. When it comes to street furniture, you can blindly trust us. Our architects will make sure that your product is designed in the best possible way.

We do not compromise on the quality of our products. We take special care in designing our outdoor furniture. This is mainly because outdoor furniture has to be extremely durable so that they can face extreme environmental conditions without getting damaged.

Let us have a look at some of our most popular range of products:

  • Picnic benches: Our picnic benches have bespoke lengths. The length can be altered as per your requirements.
  • Planters: We also have a large variety of planters which can be made into any size or shape. For large planters, we also offer free installation services.
  • Bollards: We design bollards and poles for controlling traffic. They can also be used to protect pedestrians.

Our services:

We also offer a lot of interesting services to our clients:

Restoration and installation: Outdoor furniture has to undergo a lot of hardships. As a result, they may sometimes require restoration so that they can be restored to their original form. We will remove a broken bench, repair it and put it back to its original place. We also offer installation services at a very affordable rate.

Grounds Maintenance: We provide reliable grounds maintenance services in both commercial as well as domestic sectors. Our key services include weed control, grass cutting, tree works, hedge cutting and mowing.

Why us?

If you are looking for an exclusive range of outside furniture, then we are the one for you. Our incredible services and constant support is something that you can rely on. Our wooden street furniture is not only long-lasting but is also quite affordable. We will give you no chance to complain. This makes us the best Local Street Furniture Company in the UK.

Our choice of material makes us all the more special. We use stainless steel, recycled plastic, timber and precious stones in designing your furniture for you. Our products also have a huge range of specifications to meet individual needs. We also provide customized services to our customers. You just need to tell us how you want things to be done, and your furniture will be ready for you.

So if you are waiting to get yourself chunky wooden street furniture, then do get in touch with us and let our amazing range of furniture surprise you.


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