Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

The floor of any house has a greater impact on the overall beauty of home because it can lift the designing of any property whether it is traditional or luxurious. There was a time when wood floors took place of marble and they immediately got huge popularity, however, for that case, the trees were at high risk. But, as the time flew, some innovations have been made and manufacturers shifted to laminate flooring rather than original wood. Initially, laminate flooring wasn’t much effective, however, with the perfect use of technology, now laminate flooring can be seen in every house as it is comparatively less costly than real wood. Are you also planning to give some trendy touch to your floor? Well, it is good to consider some crucial facts about laminate flooring to get its maximum advantage.

Low Price

You must be happy to know that you can give the reflection of real wood to your floor without expanding your budget. If you make an analysis of cost, you’ll come to know that laminate flooring is just half of the price of real wood. In short, you can get maximum advantage of laminate flooring just by paying half and this is really exciting.


The time is gone when the real wood was considered durable only because now laminate is also highly durable, strong, and scratch resistant. This type of flooring is protected with a resin coating and tough external layer. It can prove well for houses where pets and children play all over the time as the paws of pets will not leave scratches due to the high resistance of floors. However, whenever you choose a laminate, make sure to consider the AC rating as it should be 3 or more.

Easy Installation

The real wood is quite difficult to install as it needs a proper care regarding the cutting and size selection. More on, a lot of effort also needs to put on the subfloor for making its surface compatible with wood. But, on the other side, the laminate doesn’t require this much effort because its cutting is effortless. More on, the labourers will not charge very high as they will have to work for less number of hours and your cost will also be reduced. You can float the laminate over any existing floor and it does not even require to be nailed, glued, or stapled down, so in short, it is the most effective solution for enhancing any floor.

Adjustability with Sub Floors

Laminate is a quite versatile material and you can install it on all types of subfloors whether there is a concrete or vinyl. Sometimes, the hardwood floor cannot be installed efficiently on some specific types of subfloors but the laminate is a different material and does not require a lot of efforts while installation.


As you know that laminate doesn’t have places to trap dust, so it really proves effective to restrict the prevailing of allergic particles. So, those who have some allergic problems or asthma should definitely go for laminate flooring. There are multiple numbers of layers in this type of flooring and every layer has different functionality. A moisture barrier layer protects the shiny surface of laminate from damage and prevents the forming of mould as well.

Bathrooms are not suitable for Laminate Flooring

Although, the laminate is a versatile flooring option however it still has some limits. The excessive use of water in laundry rooms and bathrooms can destroy the shiny appeal of laminate and you may have to change it even after six months of use. The moisture resistant layer of flooring can tolerate moping or clean with a broom, however, the excess of water can penetrate into its locking system and the whole surface may get ruined. So, make sure to install this type of flooring in living rooms, TV lounge, and other dry areas of the house.

A Touch of Real Wood  

There is a wide range of design options available in the market. The Kronoswiss laminate flooring is undoubtedly effective for most of the floors as it is also designed with a three-dimensional touch of real wood. So, you should also consider the types of flooring to give a seamless appeal to your home.


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