5 Head-Turner Prom Dresses Style To Wear on a Boho-Themed Prom Night
5 Head-Turner Prom Dresses Style To Wear on a Boho-Themed Prom Night

One of the factors that make prom nights fun is its theme. Some schools try to vary the theme of prom nights every year to make it more exciting for the students. The boho or bohemian style has been very popular for the past few years, so it’s not surprising if some schools organize a boho-themed prom.

The thing about themed proms is that it’s not easy to find outfits that match the theme. But we hear you. If you have a boho-themed prom coming up, here’s a list of boho-themed Wedding dresses NJ that you can take inspirations from:

Lace Off-Shoulder Dress

Most of the boho-inspired dresses out there are made of lace. Some designers took inspiration from that fact and made it a bit more formal and prom-fitting by creating an off-shoulder dress made of lace. This kind of style is perfect for those who want a no-nonsense prom look, but would still want to look stylish. 

If your school allows it, you can even put fake tattoos, just make sure to not overdo it. Also, don’t forget to accessorize. You can wear simple headbands and accessories.

A prom dress can be versatile, and the same thing goes for bridal dresses. This means that if you can’t find a lace off-shoulder dress in any prom store, you can visit other bridal stores in NJ to see if they have a dress that looks similar to lace off-shoulder prom dresses NJ.

Tiered Ruffle Dress

Feeling a little extra? Try then the tiered ruffle dress may just be the perfect dress for you! It’s easy to catch people’s attention with this dress, especially when you’re walking around the venue with the ruffles in your dress bouncing or swaying about. 

Most tiered ruffle dresses are also made out of flowy materials, so you wouldn’t have any difficulties dancing the night away. You can look around any prom store in NJ, and there will surely be some stores that can offer you a boho-themed tiered ruffle dress.

Lace V-Neck Long Dress

This kind of prom dress is perfect for students whose schools allow a v-neck that’s not too low. This prom dress looks like a normal prom dress, but with the modern, boho lace and beading of the gown, it’s safe to say that it looks like an elegant version of a boho-themed dress. Add in a boho-themed headband and a few minimalist accessories, and you’ll turn heads at the prom venue.

If you want to get this kind of dress in white or cream color, it will look kind of like a bridal gown. But that’s not a bad thing because most boho-inspired outfits are in white. If you can’t find the dress in a prom shop, don’t hesitate to visit any bridal shops in NJ

Lace, Flutter Sleeve Gown

This prom dress attire is perfect for students who are quite self-conscious about their upper arm area. Flutter sleeves are loose-fitting sleeves that cover your shoulders and the top part of your arm, so you wouldn’t feel too restricted to move your arms around when you dance. Also, a long lace gown with flutter sleeves gives you a nice silhouette and an ethereal vibe. You can look for this dress in any dress store in NJ.

Remember, boho-inspired outfits are generally comfortable, so when you choose a gown, make sure to try it on and see if you’d be comfortable wearing it all night. Also, a boho-inspired look isn’t complete without headbands or flower crowns. 

Don’t hesitate to look for these hair accessories online or to make your own. Lastly, try to not accessorize too much because they will take the attention away from the dress. We hope you have a fun prom-themed prom!


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