furniture hire
furniture hire

It can be a bit tricky business to plan a wedding. After all, it is one of the biggest milestones of your life. As a bride, it is probably the first time that you are going to arrange such a big event and since it is your own wedding there are a million things to consider.

Without having any prior experience in hiring furniture how will you even know where to begin?

At the beginning of the planning process it has been seen that a lot of confusion and overwhelm are there among the brides regarding what to hire, how to hire and when to begin with the process and ensuring all of them are going to come together on the day.

Did I forget something? Where to start with the process? If you have thought of any of these then you know what is being talked about.

So here an attempt is being made to help you with the checklist that you need to consider at the time of hiring furniture for your wedding. These will help you get educated and organised so that furniture hire is no more a concern for you. Just read on.

  • There are some venues that are absolute blank canvases like that of private properties. You have to bring in everything. But there are also other venues that may have inclusions like chairs and tables. If you are relying on the menu you must ensure what is on offer and double check whether they go with your setting before ticking them off your list. Also heck for the quality of the furniture whether it matches with your vision or not.
  • Glassware, chairs, napkins and cutlery all depend on the final guest numbers as a result of which you may feel confused about how many to book. It is recommended that you should book the maximum that you think and then reduce the numbers if required when the RSVPs arrive. You can also add on the number if you want but it mainly depends on the availability of the items.
  • You can save quite a few dollars by reusing the signing table for the cake table and moving the chairs from the ceremony to the reception. In short you can reuse the furniture that you already have for the wedding. But if this is the plan for you then you must ensure that you have the people to make this happen. It is perfect to have a coordinator at this point. With so much happening at the weeding it is not a wise idea to give this responsibility to someone who can get easily swept away and does not have the professional expertise.
  • It is always going to be budget-friendly to stick to one particular furniture hire supplier than many. If you do not double up the delivery cost. It also means less suppliers to coordinate with at the time of delivery, setting up and bumping out the furniture. That is why you should always try and stick to one furniture hire company.

The above are some of the things that you should keep in mind at the time of organizing the furniture for your big day.


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