Most of us have a habit of splurging money on things we seldom wear or use. One such thing is the jewellery. Your jewellery box may be full of unique jewellery pieces got from luxury designer online store or from malls and fares. However, the question is do you even wear these at all? Some women collect one type of jewellery and ignore the others. We list below few essential items that must be in your jewellery box.

The delicate neckpiece – Every woman should have at least one delicate necklace, which can be worn on any occasion and with any attire. Instead of buying too, many elaborately designed expensive gemstone studded necklaces which you can’t wear in every occasion. You do not need to spend a lot on buying a simple yet elegant necklace for all occasions. Make sure it looks dazzling and elegant and can enhance the look of a traditional or modern outfit. They say a girl’s neck looks best when there is a necklace around it.

Cuff bracelet – Bracelets look chic and trendy. Now that we have mobile phones to know the time, why not adorn your wrist with beautiful cuff bracelets instead of watches.  It gives a different and beautiful look to your wrists. Bracelets also hide the skinny wrists of lean girls. Bracelets are available in different colours, designs, patterns, and sizes from the top online fashion stores in india

Handmade earrings – Handmade fashion jewellery is the talk of the town. Now that god prices are beyond most people’s affordability, people prefer buying beautiful and trendy handcrafted earrings. It will definitely outshine you in a crowd. These handcrafted earrings can be worn with ethnic as well as modern attires, unlike other jewellery. These handcrafted earrings are unique as each artisan has his own style of designing.

Colourful necklace – Some of us prefer a vibrant and bold look. For such people, bold coloured necklaces make the right choice. When you wear a multi-coloured necklace with an ordinary white tee, it can enhance your look in treat ways. You can also get a customized necklace made from an artisan.

A stylish ring – Women love wearing rings on their fingers. They look good and stylish on any finger. If you are carrying a beautiful clutch, you must wear a stylish finger ring too as most people whose attention will fall on your clutch will also look at your ring. You can buy these from an online fashion and jewellery store in reasonable rate. A simple ring can make you look attractive.

Ear studs- Small ear studs are essential for everyday use as well as when you attend parties. It makes your face look attractive.  Ear studs come in different designs and colours and you can match them with your outfits too. They are generally inexpensive and easily available.

So, does your jewellery box have all the above-mentioned items? If not hurry up and bring these to make your jewellery box complete.


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