To dress the same as twin children or better to differentiate them through clothing is a debate regarding fashion for mothers who had a twin pregnancy. As for children’s clothing, we need to think about the advantages and disadvantages that two twin brothers and sisters always wear the same, considering that they are physically identical.

The Advantages of Dressing like Twin brothers and sister

– Time-saving: If you choose the same boy girl twin clothing, you will not spend too much time buying different clothes for each one of them, but the process will be easier.

– Ease of choice: It is much easier to think of identical outfits when dressing two boys or two twin girls, and parents will not have to go too far over two different outfits but will be chosen only once.

– Fun: Clothes can be a game for children, and more for those who are physically equal. The fun of choosing the clothes we put on will make you both feel part of a private game in which the two are the only protagonists.

– Union: That two twin brothers dress alike will make them feel more united and recognize the value of the bond between two people who are not only physically equal but who are also emotionally close together and also avoid fights regarding the clothing, and no one will feel disadvantaged.

Some tips when buying the clothes of twins.

  • Think that children, especially in the most tender stage, use tons of clothing, and especially during the first year, clothing lasts only a few months and sometimes only a couple of weeks because they grow very fast!
  • If you have a boy and a girl, as in my case, especially at first try to buy unisex clothes in neutral colors. Generally, one of the two is bigger than the other, and the clothes of one will be able to serve the other perfectly.
  • Take advantage of all the clothes they can offer you. The first month’s babies use very little clothing, so the clothes they pass you are probably as new or unworn.
  • I still don’t know why the socks don’t have a locator! Time is money, and at home, one always escapes us or ends up paired with another. I advise you if you buy socks for both, never buy the same! If you have two different sizes, as in my case, you will be crazy matching them.
  • Launch yourself to buy packs (bodies, socks, tracksuits). It is comfortable, easy, and is what they will use most in the nursery.
  • Take advantage of the offers that everything you can save when buying two will be welcome.
  • If you do not want your children to be dressed like all the children in the kindergarten, the garden or the neighborhood, buy the basics, that is, plain fabric clothes, jeans, etc. and combine with other products from other stores.
  • The washing machine, and if you have the dryer, they will be your new “best friends.” It is they who will guide you to see which cotton is more resistant and which clothes age better.

Why not dress the same as twin boys 

– Greater economic expense: If we buy different clothes, they can be exchanged, and we will not spend as much money on clothes since each style would double and always end up repeating itself in both at the same time.

– Stigmatization: For many twin children, it is not pleasant to be exactly the same physically as their brother, so if we also distinguish them from other children because they go with the same clothes, this could make them feel compelled to always be together or stigmatized by others.

– Lack of personality: Each child is a world, regardless of whether the physical is very similar or even identical. If we do not distinguish each of them also by their appearance, we could also be giving them a negative example in that each must be able to express his own style and personality independently of his brother.


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