With the current lifestyle of long hours at work and high stress, many individuals are heading to spas for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Spa treatments help to alleviate stress, detoxify the body and enhance the skin. This is because stress impacts not only the muscles but also the skin.

Spa treatments offering products and treatments for skincare come to the rescue. There are many spas out there providing a range of treatment packages targeting the skin in particular and the body as a whole. Mostly such spas that are devoted to skincare provide a range of products and services to combat certain issues of the skin.

Every spa serves its own signature products and treatments, with differences in the choice of ingredients and range of treatment modalities. Skincare of the face is focused not only on enhancing beauty as well as curing certain skin problems like acne.

A professional skin therapist at a great spa will isolate or diagnose the needs of a client and suggest suitable products or treatments. The main services are as follows: typical facials include exfoliation and cleansing of the skin, facial massage, followed by applying a masque and moisturization.

Such facials will last mostly for an hour. The typical impact is overall revitalization and toning of the skin. Facials which were the preserve of women are becoming increasingly popular also for men.

Certain kinds of facials involve the use of tools. For instance, a micro-current device may be used by certain spas to tone facial muscles, enhance the complexion and smooth wrinkles. This may be used in the neck, cheeks, eyes and forehead. Such treatments using micro-currents are termed as a non-surgical lift of the face. The aim is to tone facial muscles and can be used in other body parts as well.

But not all skin treatments use tools like micro current. Skincare Buckhead makes use of the hands to massage the skin to enhance muscle tone and circulation, thus relieving the impact of stress. Such techniques may be accompanied by other treatments such as skin peel.

Some other facials include various kinds of masques targeting various types of skin: dry, oily or combination. Some facials target clients over the age of 40, providing collagen serum to especially invigorate the area around the eyes, by getting rid of dark circles, reducing puffiness as well as a sign of ageing.

Facials may also help treat teen issues like acne and oily skin. Some treatments focus on treating big pores on facial skin and facial blemishes. Products for care of facial skin differ with regard to ingredients and the kind of benefits offered by them. Some of them target signs of ageing: reducing fine lines and wrinkles, making the skintight and reviving radiance of the complexion.

Some focus on moisturizing and producing youthful and softer skin. Certain products recommended or provided by spas help to replenish and repair skin damaged by UV radiation of the sun. Spas may also provide serums and creams for facial skin.

A day of spa treatment is an excellent gift for a loved one with a busy and stressful lifestyle or skin issues. Spa treatments are no longer exclusive to the rich and famous. The proliferation of spas has made it affordable for the common person.

Kinds of skincare

Skincare Buckhead at popular spas comprises of following treatments:

  • Facials to defy age

These are some of the highly popular treatments at spas for both women and men, especially those who have crossed a specific age. By heading to the spa to gain age-defying facials in a regular way, one can enhance the looks of the facial skin, rendering one to feel and look younger.

Most age-defying facials begin with a procedure of cleansing for removing any existent impurities in the pores. The process of deep cleansing is followed by the technique of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and to renew the skin.

After the process of cleansing and exfoliating, there will be a series of various masks applied to the face for stimulating natural collagen production to cleanse, moisturize and revive the skin. Typically, at the end of this process, the spa personnel will do a massage to relax the facial skin and further enhance collagen production.

  • Detoxification

In case one feels tired often without having done much, the warning bells indicate the need to head to a spa for detox treatment. Detox treatments are another highly popular procedure since not only do they get rid of body toxins but also help in reducing issues like cellulite that are unpleasant aesthetically.

For the entire period of treatment, one can rest and relax as the whole body is being massaged to enhance blood circulation, toning and firming the skin and draining the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins.

Following such detox therapy, both the body and mind will be revitalized, and it will manifest in amazing results in looks and feelings.

  • Facials for firm and lift

These are for persons who are sensing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Such highly effective spa treatments of the firm and lift help in stimulating the natural production of collagen by the conduct of massage on the skin. These facials comprise of a sequence of progressive techniques of lifting massages, toning massages and scalp massages for lifting which will provide elasticity and firmness to the skin.


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