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event management company

Fashion shows play an instrumental role in showcasing the collection of a brand. They are regarded as high-impact events that are responsible for ensuring that the editors, buyers and influencers shoot, carry or buy the pieces of a house.

But one should keep it on mind that there is just one chance for showcasing one collection. Hence the fashion event has to be conducted in a hassle-free and hitch-free manner. This goes without saying that in today’s age of technological advancements, the brands have to impress the audience with jaw-dropping shows that are meticulously executed.
The major tensed up situation arises during the production of the fashion show. But that does not release or decrease the tension during the execution of the event. Here are some of the top-notch tips that will keep the things going on smoothly. Just read on.

Create a Budget for the Event – This is of utmost significance. First decide whether you have to shell out the money yourself or are you going to rely on the big businesses or donations. You should keep in mind that you will need a team of people for assisting and executing the event apart from a venue, models, clothes and entertainment. A lot of things, in this case, may not cost you much, but a lot may be quite exorbitantly priced. You can pad the budget by appealing to large businesses or raise the money through fundraisers. In exchange of free showcasing of the event you can ask the models and the designers to volunteer for the fashion event.

Plan in Advance – The planning of the show begins months in advance of the show. This typically happens when the show producers and the designers get together to discuss the look and feel and the theme of the show. But it is a fact that the designer completes the designing collection only a few days before the show if not hours. Although it is not possible for the producer to arrange the last-minute changes in advance but having certain things nailed down like the venue and the theme will help you to manage the last-minute changes well.

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Create an Engaging Ambience – A great setup is something that can grab the attention of the people and keep them on the edge wanting for more. You should determine a location on the basis of the theme of the show. You should make use of intelligent lighting for a striking effect at the show beginning and end but ensure that you do not use the same while the models are walking as the audience should try and focus on them. You should also opt for engaging music. For example, for an updated modern look you should opt for an industrial building or urban loft as an effect and select the music that is not sultry or slow but rather energizing and upbeat. You should also make sure to go for optimum lighting during the show so that designs can be focused upon, and the professional shutterbugs can capture the event comprehensively.

Delegate – Your best assistance that you will get at the time of organizing the high-profile fashion events that often remain confined within the tight time-frames are the professionals who can stand by you throughout the event. It is not possible for you to be everywhere at the same time. You will need the professional hair and makeup teams, an assistant to shadow and handle the last-minute changes of the designer, a PR team for handling the guests as well as volunteers to help the models dress up backstage. You can make all the difference with a reliable and trustworthy team at your aid all the time.

Take Advantage of the Available Technology – Even if they are sitting right next to the catwalk, technology can be used to improve the show for the viewers. On both sides of the runway you can attach big screens to give the audience a better view of the clothes worn by the models. You can webcast the whole event and also host an online chat room to keep the virtual guests engaged and keep them talking about what they see. You should also consider the fact that advertising is huge for these kinds of events. That is why take into account the options like e-mail marketing and the social media.

Be Flexible – Fashion shows happen to be dynamic events that can change up till the last minute. Hence you have to problem-solve accordingly at any time of the show planning. The show is a live experience and thus, no matter how much your draw, plan and even animate from beforehand, during the technical rehearsals you can realize that just by extending the introduction or changing the lighting you can make a lot of difference. So, don’t be rigid about it.

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Practice for Perfection – You should practice the show with a full-dress rehearsal. You should go through the production elements, make models practice walking on the runway and even make the emcee try the transitions from beforehand. You should time the rehearsal so that you know when to go for intermissions and transitions and know exactly how long it will be. This will give you more confidence during the live event.

The above are some of the tips as suggested by the professionals of reputed event management company in order to plan up and rightly organize a fashion event and ensure its success.


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