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We all know that the festival of lights 2020 is just around the corner. Children, especially, grow thrilled regarding the advent of the festival. The main reason for their delight is that they receive new outfits, Diwali gifts, and goodies, and most importantly firecrackers to revel in the festival. Nonetheless, operating with firecrackers demands a lot of precautions to be followed. Since negligence can grow hazardous and the celebration can turn into a catastrophe. So, while relishing firecrackers, you need to be careful and alert, so that there is no bodily injuries or loss to property. 

Here, we will go through some tips and safety measures to adhere to while enjoying firecrackers on Diwali to have a safe and happy celebration.

Advice for children while enjoying firecrackers:

  1. Supervision by adults – It is imperative that children remain under adult supervision when handling fireworks, and children need to listen to their elders. Children should not be allowed to play alone with fireworks. As kids do not have a complete understanding of fireworks they might get injured severely. Hence, it is the duty of the elders of the family to explain to the children the consequences of mistreating firecrackers.
  2. Appropriate organization of sand and water – Always ensure that an adequate quantity of sand and water is available nearby before you begin relishing the fireworks. Sand and water are utilized to douse the fire from expanding farther. God forbid, some unwanted fire accident takes place, then due to this arrangement, things can be managed within time.
  3. Choose a spacious area: One should never play with firecrackers inside the house. As the flares from the firecrackers might harm the property. Seldom, a tiny flare can be the cause of a tremendous loss. So, adults, at no cost should allow kids to play with firecrackers in the house.

Precautions to be adhered to with firecrackers:

  1. Buy licensed firecrackers: During the festive season, we would want to buy things of the best quality especially for our kids. That is why we purchase good quality clothes, Diwali sweets & diwali gift express delivery, etc. Similarly, you should always buy legal firecrackers of good quality and from authorized vendors. Because legal firecrackers are manufactured with the set criteria. This means less probability of any mishap to happen.
  2. Reading directions: Every firecracker works distinctively and comes with a set of directions to use. So, read the directions carefully before commencing to relish the firecrackers.
  3. Placing the firecrackers: When playing with one type of firecracker keep the other ones at safe distance. The flares released by the firecracker might flame the entire assortment of firecrackers in no time if not kept safely.
  4. Storing the firecrackers: Firecrackers might get spoilt if stored in a damp or moist area, so ensure to place the firecrackers in a cool and dry spot. Because if the firecrackers get spoilt then no one will be happy on the eve of Diwali, especially children.
  5. First-aid equipment: You must regularly keep the first-aid equipment handy when playing with firecrackers. If any portion of the body gets wounded, the medicine needs to be used on it immediately to lessen the pain and agony.
  6. Dumping the firecrackers: After you are done playing with firecrackers, throw the completely burnt firecrackers in a secure area. As the debris of firecrackers remains hot for quite some time, so if they are not disposed of correctly, there can be a mishap.
  7. Putting on footwear: Protecting your legs is as important as protecting any other part of your body when playing with firecrackers. So, always don appropriate footwear to protect your legs.
  8. Washing your hands and legs: Firecrackers are manufactured from chemicals that are toxic in nature. They can cause skin and various other health-related issues. Hence, you need to meticulously wash your hands and legs before you attack that delicious Diwali cake.

What you should avoid when operating with firecrackers

  1. Do not purchase low-quality firecrackers.
  2. Never play with multiple crackers at the same time.
  3. Never operate firecrackers with baggy outfits or free hair.
  4. Do not light already used firecrackers and the ones that did not explode in the initial attempt.
  5. Never try to make firecrackers yourself, as the method is extremely dangerous
  6. Never bend over or stand to close to firecrackers while lighting them as your clothes or hair may catch fire
  7. Never run or play around blazing firecrackers.
  8. Never frighten someone with a firecracker, as you never know when it can set off leading to mishaps.


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