If you regard throw blankets as goods that you use, and not as some décor stuff, you can easily go overboard with it. 

  • As a general rule of thumb, one throw per room is your directive. Keep more in your linen closet if you want extra. That too much draped look is too cringy at times.
  • Keeping it neat is crucial. When you’re not using throws, you must cleanly fold them. Don’t throw them on whatever you find. Take that extra time to fold them nicely and keep them in proper place.
  • A utilitarian approach is important. Throws are that item that characteristically don’t appear to be within the design. Rather, they appear to be something you can essentially use. You need to make accessible and a solid part of your home. 
  • After all, they are meant to be used only. Covering it up is no less crucial. If you have kids, dogs, or other small animals running around the house, you can use a throw to hide countless imperfections or fragile objects on a sofa or chair. 
  • It’s mandatory to keep one for the bedroom.

Add some style

A stylish throw blanket can infuse texture and flair to any interior. You can hang it from a lounge chair’s back, or lay it along your bed’s end, or just toss it up on your sofa’s arm. Made from colorful cotton or neutral faux, a chic and stylish throw is the perfect thing to warm up a space. 

  • A blend of textures and colors is always sensational. With a light blue/teal sofa, a deep green/purple lounge chair, and a bright orange/pink throw, your modern living room will brim with texture and color.
  • Don’t forget plush accents. To contrast the leather armchair, swing chair, and steel, you can use a fur throw alongside a Moroccan-style, plush rug to create warmth in your room.
  • There are soothing and peaceful earth tones. From the bedding to furnishings and walls, there are chic master bedrooms that embrace soft earth tones. 
  • For a great indoor-outdoor living, you can feature a set of teal blue Tolix chairs. Cover them with sheepskin throws. If you have a BBQ setup on the outdoors, you can use the same color gas grill covers to create coherence. 
  • Some artistic bedrooms focus entirely on texture. The bed frames entail embossed suedes. You pair them with a collection of throw pillows and a wool throw. Kilim poufs and stone-side tables will complete the space.

Some useful tips

Alongside introducing a complementary shade or coordinating color to a space’s color scheme, the goal of a throw is to add warmth and detailed texture. As an accessory, it elevated your décor. You can thus use a new color as an accent or fuse it with existing hues. 

Pick charcoal grey, black, or taupe for neutral color palettes. Pick warm shades that pop. These include rich red, mustard yellow, and deep orange. Since patterns don’t actually blend well with most rooms, it’s better to stick to solid colors. You can also use weave in luxury throws. 


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