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Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ a famous media personality and well-known model who is popular because of his fitness, shredded six-pack abs and agile athletic skills is today’s icon. Well, definitely if you are a fitness admirer and have always thought of having big arms which is for sure a dream for many young men especially in a country like India, surely it would be worth reading this article. Karan Oberoi model’s six-pack lines drool you to the extreme level just like his Arms which is a well-known fact and nothing new to discuss. He is like a second man for every girl? And I think I am nothing wrong in that!  Huge numbers of young men, when they think about their physique; the first thing that pops into their minds is to achieve the fitness equal to Top model Karan Oberoi.

karan-oberoi-2 Build Arms Like Karan Oberoi. Full Guide to get Arms like a top model!

Karan Oberoi physical stats

Karan Oberoi Biography

Karan Oberoi height in inches- 6 feet

Karan Oberoi Weight Kilograms– 85 kg

Figure Chest:    46 Inches

Waist:                 32 Inches

Biceps:             16 Inches

Shoe size          UK 11 and US 12

Hair Colour          Black

Eyes colour            dark Brown

Skin colour             Fair

3 things to remember to get Bigger Arms like Modelling star Karan Oberoi

karan-oberoi-2 Build Arms Like Karan Oberoi. Full Guide to get Arms like a top model!

  1. Increase your Arms Training for biceps and triceps that is twice a week

According to Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ muscle protein synthesis is rebooted after every few hours which means you will need to train your arms with an intense workout, keeping less gaps and high reps to achieve lean and veiny arms which is a dream of every athlete. If you just train once a week, it doesn’t bring cutting in the muscles. 

  1. Consume more of protein that is high protein diet

In order to increase the size of any muscle be that arms or legs, you should be getting sufficient protein in your diet according to KO. The amino acids that make up the building blocks of protein contribute to repairing muscle tissue after training, which then corresponds to increased growth. Consuming enough protein that also twice of your body weight can harden your muscle which is required to have big strong arms. So, make sure that you give your body enough protein that contributes to the hardening of muscles.

  1. Stretch to grow

Stretching and flexing your biceps and triceps is key to signalling growth this is what KO stresses upon all the time which is being ignored by the majority of men who go to the gym. KO understands the importance of stretching hence never misses his stretching once his workout is over which usually lasts for one hour. You can Increase biceps training but needs to be combined with sufficient stretching.

How Karan Oberoi trains his arms:

karan-oberoi-2 Build Arms Like Karan Oberoi. Full Guide to get Arms like a top model!

 Karan Oberoi works out twice on his biceps and triceps it is explained how:

  1. Workout one targets your chest and triceps: It’s a general rule when you work out on your chest automatically somewhere pressure comes on your triceps muscle therefore its always better to combine chest and triceps workout and thus you can train them twice a week, make sure you keep it intense and give less gap between the sets and do more of reps.
  1. Workout two targets your back and biceps:

When you work out on your back the pressure comes on biceps muscles too hence giving the pump and again for this repeat it twice a week and keep it intense with more repetitions. This approach means you directly train your arm muscles that is twice a week if you are following the conventional pattern of workout. Though if you doing circuit training every day then you can have more fast results but that is more for people who are professionally into fitness and can give their body adequate rest.  This strategy will double the amount of training time these muscles get, and it is this significant increase in training volume that will result in bigger and stronger arms.

Karan Oberoi workout video makes sure each workout is made up of five lifts, which you will perform as straight sets. This means you do all the sets of the first lift, rest as you do then move on to the second lift and so on. Simply do the workouts in order, sticking to the sets, reps, tempo and rest periods detailed.

KO for the first three workouts the sets, reps and rest periods are the same, but in the final session of each week (the biceps and triceps session) the sets and reps are changed to place as much tension as possible on these muscles to get the best results. Each week, try to lift slightly heavier than before this shall keep increasing your stamina and performance.


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