Bored with your outdated bathroom? You need to plan a makeover for your bathroom for a new look. To do so, you need to plan things step by step so that you don’t miss anything.

Eager to know how to do bathroom renovation? Following is the guide that will be helpful for you:

1-Collect all Tools and Supplies

Before you begin the work, you need to collect all the necessary tools and supplies needed during the remodeling. Some of the essential ones are gloves, goggles, safety mask, silicone sealant, spackle, stud finder, chisel, pry bar, power drill, flathead screwdriver, chalk line, extension cord, bucket, hammer, tape measure, spackle knife, hacksaw, utility knife, adjustable wrench, and tape measure.

In addition to this, you should also get Wet dry Shop-Vac. It is helpful in case of a water spill from fixtures or toilets. Next, you should have a cordless drill to move freely without getting worried about extension cords.

2-Outline Your Bathroom Design

Planning is the key element when you start your designing process. You need to think about everything you are going to add or remove from your bathroom area. Embed the below listed few design element in your plan before you start renovating your bathroom:

New Fixtures: Are you going to remodel or replace your shower/tub? Panning to install a new sink? If you are going to do this, then this will need time and will increase the bathroom remodel cost.

Color Selection: Select the paint color you are going to have for your bathroom so that it does not clash with the color of your tiles.

Utility Location: Properly check the electrical and plumbing wires. You should be aware of them when taking a measurement. Any problem can result in costly repairs.

Storage Spaces: If you are planning to expand your storage you need to keep that measurement in mind as well. Meanwhile, during the process, you should have cabinets or shelve to place your towels and toiletries. 

3-Knock Down or Remove Existing Bathroom Fixtures

When going for partial or complete renovation of your kitchen, you need to remove drywall and fixture you are going to replace. Demolishing a bathroom is not hard, you can do it yourself but keep few things in mind:

  • Begin with draining and remove the toilet to get rid of any unpleasant spills.
  • Cover up a bathtub and remove the tile. This is necessary to rework for plumbing when fitting new shower or tub design.
  • Now, remove the insulation from your wall where it is necessary. For this work, don’t use a hammer on insulation. You should use a reciprocating saw to remove panels. The gloves, goggles, and safety mask are essential during the work.
  • In the last, you have to remove mirrors, floor tiles, cabinets, vanities and other features you need to remove.

If you are finding these things difficult to be done by yourself, then you should get the help of experts by availing the services of bathroom remodeling Cape Cod for your house. They will remodel your bathroom according to your preference and requirement.

4-Install New Tub Basin and Shower

After demolishing you need to install a new shower or tub basin. You need to take a proper measurement when fitting the things in your bathroom. In term of shapes, you have choices that include square, rectangular and pentangle (a shape having base with one corner cut off). If you are having any sign of wood rotting, then you should first replace the subfloor before the installation of a new shower to prevent damage.

5-Adjustments for New Features and Fixtures

Now it’s time to install new cabinets or vanity. If the measurement of the things is small or large as compared to the previous one, then you need to renovate your bathroom little further by adjusting wiring. Most of the time we have to move GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) or other power outlets to align them with new cabinets and vanity. For all this work, you need to call electricians to avoid problems.

6-Place New Floor Tiles

A bathroom makeover is never completed with new floor tiles. After you are done with adjustment of utility lines, lay down some new tiles. To place your tile properly you need to use mason chalk line. This will keep your tiles straight in line.

7-New Drywall and Paint It

Your bathroom is now getting a shape. Next, you have to hang a new drywall. This process is lengthy because you have to cut the drywall so that it can fit accordingly with your vanities and features. During this step, keep below-listed tips in your mind:

  • To covers seams and fill gaps use drywall mud and tape.
  • You should coat the cement board with a waterproofing membrane to protect it against water damage.

After you have completed the process, paint it to add color to your bathroom area. Select a paint that is having a semi gloss finish and it is mold and mildew resistance.

8-Installation of New Vanity and Cabinets

After completing the work of wall and finishing the installation, now it’s time to install new cabinets, vanity, or anything else that is on your list. First, you have to install the sink and faucet. After this, you can go for other things like cabinets, mirror, and trim around the shower or tub.

9-Install Toilet and Complete Final Touches

Now your area looks like a bathroom. But one thing is remaining and that is toilet installation. You can do it earlier but leaving it for the last will avoid chipping it while working on other elements of the bathroom. One of the last touch up is installing trim around mirrors and rooms. The trim offers the final bit of detail to your bathroom to complete the look.

Hope that this step wise guide will help you. If you are having any problem in doing any work, then you can hire licensed bathroom contractors to get the work done by professionals.


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