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It is time to upgrade your program to experienced weightlifting exercises that focus on developing each and every part of a muscle group. To successfully follow experienced weightlifting exercises, you need to have a well-balanced physique and strong muscles using a reliable belt from bespoke belt makers.

Weight lifting can be an excellent way to build serious muscle and get into great shape. However, it can also be dangerous if not done properly. Weight lifters that are not following the correct protocol can suffer strains, muscle tears, fractures, dislocations, and worse.

There are ways to protect yourself against these problems though, allowing weight lifting to get you into shape and strengthen your body and mind. The first thing you need to do before beginning a weight lifting routine is to speak with a doctor.

Before you start any fitness routine or sport, you should always consult with your physician and get a checkup.

Here is a list of training techniques that will put your muscles into overdrive and accelerate growth. Supersets – two exercises are performed in a row without any rest between them. This increases the load intensity and shortens workout time.

Triple set – here you will have to perform three exercises in a row without rest.

Giant sets – Four sets of exercises are performed in a row without taking any rest.

Cheating reps – once you reach failure point, use momentum or secondary muscles to add additional reps.

Forced reps – after you reach failure point, have your trainer or your partner help you in completing additional reps.

Partial reps – after you reach your limit, continue doing partial reps. Rest-pause – perform the maximum amount of reps possible, rest for a few seconds, and then try to do additional reps.

21s – Split your reps into the upper range of movement and lower range of movement, and do the maximum amount of reps possible.

Peak contraction – try to flex the muscle while doing a set.

Drop sets – do a maximum amount of reps per set, while reducing the weight in each set. Increase your sets every exercise to 4 and your reps until the point of failure. Rest for 60 to 90 seconds between sets to ensure muscle recovery.

Because you are working with heavyweights keep your back firm throughout the workout. Maintain good posture, pull your shoulder back and push your chest out. Strengthen your core body by properly training your spinal muscles and your abdominal muscles.

Use exercise aids like belts, straps, and gloves while performing weightlifting exercises.

Pre-workout stretching and warm-up exercises are very important to decrease the risk of injury during your weightlifting routine. Split your weightlifting exercises.

The workout schedule that follows is meant only for experienced weightlifters. Experienced weightlifting exercises are split into a morning schedule and afternoon schedule. You work six days a week, resting for just a single day.

Do the first set of muscles during the morning workout and the second set during your afternoon workout schedule.

Monday – chest, arms, cardio exercises.

Tuesday – back, shoulders.

Wednesday – legs, abs, neck.

Thursday – chest, arms, cardio.

Friday – back, shoulders.

Saturday – legs, abs, neck.

Sunday – take a rest.


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