Make-Up Trends 2019

Time to take out the makeup brushes that have been resting in the vanity because the Spring Runway shows have officially come to an end. Apart from the chic clothing trends that the runways blessed us with, the bold and glamorous make-up looks weren’t any less inspiring. From natural makeup look to glossy make-up, it was a rather funky affair. The red lips as always were a hot favorite among make-up artist with electric colors like turquoise and orange making it to the runway as well. The fashion fanatics went all crazy and watched the runway shows online even when on-the-go with services like HughesNet Internet.

Here are the seven takeaway make-up trends from this year’s Spring Runways that we cannot wait to experiment with:

Sunset Tones

As the name suggests, this look flaunted orange, pink and yellow shades. The highlight was make-up artist Pat McGrath’s play of these unicorn colors on models. The way he used these colored on models was as eyeshades that went way beyond just being shades on eyes. They covered a good part of the models’ cheekbones as well. Models showcasing Alberto Zambelli’s masterpieces drenched in unicorn colored makeup as well. In a rather bold way though. The cheeks of the models showcased hues of yellow, orange and pink making them very bright blush-on. At Hellessy Runway, they did not stick to the bright colors but rather opted for their darker counterparts. A red blush and a red lip color depicted a rather fierce sun right before it sets.

Cool Cat Eyes

There are cat eyes and then there are cool cat eyes. This was a rather new trend of applying an eyeliner that did not go unnoticed at the Spring Runways. The way Pat McGrath drew cat eyes on models using that eyeliner; it reminded the spectators of the Cat Eye Sunglasses. Another way of drawing cat eyes was seen at LaQuan Smith show with double ticks as a winged liner. However, the Versace show defied all customs, as pat McGrath showed that a winged eyeliner does not always have to be black. He chose to paint emerald flicks on models that stole the show. Other brands whose models flaunted the sharp cat eye looks were Coach and Rochas.

Saturated Red Lips

Well, it did not come as a surprise that models on the Runways flaunted red lip color as well. This color has been a hot favorite amongst actresses and models since always. At the Escada Runway, the models wore shades of red lip color and carried them in a rather bold way. With a minimum make-up otherwise, the rather full red lips caught the attention of the spectators. At the Ryan Lo show, the red lips got a bit glossy but looked attractive nonetheless. The Naeem Khan show, however, opted for a cherry lip color look.

The New Nude

This particular makeup look on models looked anything but a loud painted face. Minimal make-up and post-facial skin are best descriptions for this particular look. The trick used by the make-up artists was to blend and then blend a little more until the make-up merged well with the skin. Enhanced brows, contoured cheeks, highlighted cheekbones, and peachy lips were the highlight of this particular look.

Electric Brights

It was all about making a statement with rather bold and electric colors at this year’s Spring Runways. Another very popular makeup look that the models wore was electric colored eyeshades applied in specific shapes. These neon colors made the eyes the most prominent feature. The most flaunted eyeshade color was turquoise that the models at Byblos and Alice+Olivia runways carried.

Painterly Approach

Some make-up artists thought of the models’ faces as a canvas and tried their artistic skills on them. The ‘painterly approach’ dominated the runways of Christian Dior, Eckhaus Latta, and Lanyu. From paint-splattered lips to random strokes on the outer corners of the eyes, it was a rather abstract affair at these runways. It caught the attention of the spectators nonetheless and was a rather unique way to display make-up.

In the Details

Enhancing one area of the eye is what this look was all about. While stickers were used to form various patterns on eyelids at the Emporio Armani runway, deconstructed eyeliner was all the rage at House of Holland. MSGM took another approach by highlighting the inner corner of the eyes by painting them with black eyeliner. All the looks focused on enhancing some area of the eye. Hence drawing the attention of the viewers on eyes when it came to make-up.

All these unique makeup looks have given a handful of looks to experiment with this coming spring. However, do not forget to protect your skin against the harm that make-up products can cause. Invest in good foundations to apply a protective layer before you paint your faces in various colors. You should care about your skin the same way HughesNet Satellite Internet Customer care does for its clients.


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