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A Traveler’s Guide to Choosing Accommodation

When planning a trip that is more than a day of your time or your family time, you need to choose the right accommodation. It’s never an easy task settling on one, most often travelers settle for what is provided by the travel agency.

However, you should know, that you have options. Let’s dive in and see the different types of accommodation available to travelers and what to consider when settling for one. If you plan to visit Put-In-Bay, South Bass Island check local websites like to find affordable hotels, condos, hostels, and other accommodation options. 

Types of Accommodations

Getting accommodation is more than just about getting a place to rest your head. The accommodation you settle on can either make or ruin your entire trip. Well, we don’t want that – so pay attention.


These are great place with a social atmosphere geared to meet other travelers. They tend to have their own bar and restaurants and even organized events that you can jump in to get to know other travelers who can share experiences.

Hostels are run cheap and suitable for budgets conscious travelers. Most of the time they may have a dormitory like facility with back pack lockers and bunk beds. You can always get a private room for the family.

However, cheap doesn’t mean that the services aren’t great, you just might have to share some amenities.  Expect to have a common T.V rooms, kitchens, clean rest rooms.


The most popular and common choice among travelers. Many hotels have a common amenity throughout the world. For hotels, you often have to make your reservation in advance.

If you are visiting Put-In-Bay it’s highly advisable to make your reservation earlier for any of the hotels you fancy. Hotels are limited in numbers and they sell out fast in the island, you might not get accommodation if you didn’t make a reservation in advance.

The disadvantage with hotels is that they could be expensive in the peak season. This is due to hotels being the common choice of accommodation for travelers. Demand results in a spike in accommodation pricing.

Nevertheless, it is always worth it because you get a nice treat to make your vacation worthwhile.


Do you have friends or family living in the Island? Maybe you should consider being accommodated by them for free or on a fee – depends on how many mouths to feed.

Ideally, Couchsurfing is a website where you search for people who are willing to accommodate you and your family during your vacation. However, Put-in -bay being a small town this option could be limited and you can only be lucky if you have family connection in the island.

Ask around, you never know, Put-in-Bay has the friendliest people in Ohio that ensure your visit is accommodative and fun. The only disadvantage is that you host may not live close to downtown Put-In-Bay, where most of the action happens.

Private Rentals

When you think of a private rental, the first thing that comes up is Airbnb. These are apartments, flats, or condos that are fully furnished with furniture, electronics, with basic kitchen supplies, appliances, that is leased for short-term rentals.

Can be rented individually or shared if it has plenty of rooms. The advantage with private rentals is the privacy and sense of control that comes with it. Private rentals don’t charge per person and is ideal for a large family vacation.

However, they do not come cheap if located in affluent neighborhoods.

Guide to Choosing Accommodation

Here are things you should think about when deciding on an accommodation:

The Length of Your Stay

If you are going to spend quite a long vacation, then the best accommodation ideal for you and your family is a private rental. As mentioned earlier, private rentals such as apartments, flats, or condos are usually fully furnished with furniture, electronics, and basic kitchen supplies, or appliances.

Also, if your vacation is short then a hotel or a hostel is ideal for the best accommodation. A short stay with a treat.

The Size of the Travel Team

If you are travelling in a large group an apartment should click first. It will save you the extra dollars for per person charges. Get a big apartment that is fully furnished. Also, hostels are great if the team is large and more than 10 people. Hostels have bunker beds and shared amenities that could save you lost of money.

Special Occasion

If you are on a honey moon or a bachelor/ bachelorette party, this is a special occasion that deserves a treat. Also, you need to book an accommodation that is centrally located within the town/city you are visiting.

Put-in-Bay is big for bachelor/bachelorette parties here in Put-In-Bay Resort’s Blue Marlin Swim-up Bar. Apart from the popular swim-up bar and grill, seafood fresh from Lake Erie should be on the party’s itinerary.  The resort’s large 44,000-gallon pool with a D.J. stand is the perfect setting for a party.

Therefore, for a special occasion choose a hotel. It is also important to consider how long it will take you to travel from your hotel to different areas you will be visiting during your vacation in Put-in-Bay. For example, if you want to visit Put-in-Bay Aquatic Center, is it convenient to rent a golf cart to get there? 

Need Fitness Facilities

If you need to work out and in need of access to a gym, then the best bet is a hotel. Private rentals and hostels do not have fitness facilities. And you can’t go jogging in the morning in a neighborhood that you are a stranger. However, not all hotels provide a fitness center, so be sure to check out the amenities associated with the hotel you want to stay in. Also, ask for recommendations.

Social Environment

If you want to meet other travelers’ network and create a friend list of travelers that can give you recommendation, then definitely choose hostel. Hostels are set up for a social atmosphere with common TV room and several other shared amenities where you can meet as many people during your stay.

In hostels, just like in a private rental, there is cooking facilities, in case you want to prepare a special meal apart from the one served in the hostel’s restaurant or cafeteria.

Wrap Up

 Choosing an accommodation is not just choosing a place to spend the night, it’s about the quality of the time spent. There are different options available and questions that you should consider when settling on an accommodation.


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