With hundreds of dog food brands in the market, finding the right choice for your canine can be challenging especially if you don’t know exactly what you should be looking for. Before buying any particular dog food, it is important to understand your dog’s dietary needs and look for something that will meet those needs.

Reviews are very important to read before making a purchase. For example, consider for example zignaturezssential dog food reviews, zignature kangaroo dog food reviews or any other brand to help you understand any particular choice before making a purchase. We also put together 4 best dog food reviews for 2018 to help make your work easy and faster. These include: –

  1. Orijen Tundra

This particular dry dog food caught our attention due to a number of factors. First, the dog food is grain free which makes it ideal for dogs especially those that are sensitive to gluten. The food contains of 80% protein with the remaining 20% consisting of fruits and vegetables.

Orijen utilizes natural meat as a source of protein with venison, goat, bison, mutton, rabbit and arctic char being the main ingredients and sources of protein. The food also contains 461kcal per cup which means your dog does not get over supplied with calories likely to contribute to its being overweight.

  1. zignaturezssential dog food

This is another exceptional multi-protein dog food that you’ll want to consider in 2018. The dog food has protein made from Turkey, salmon, duck meal, turkey meal, lamb meal which makes rich in protein and full of essential Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also low in harmful saturated fat but rich in selenium and vitamin B12. The dry dog food is also great and easy to digest as the veggies and fruits provide a good punch of low-glycemic carbohydrates which are also rich in fiber.

  1. AvoDerm Natural Grain-Free Dog Food

This dog food brand offers you a safe and healthy option for your dog’s diet. The meal includes potato formula and salmon which are combined in the right measures to keep your dog healthy and strong. the food manufacturer also uses California avocadoes which are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin of your dog. The first ingredients consist of premium proteins and no grain, wheat or corn is used which makes the food ideal for dogs with sensitivities.

  1. NUTRO MAX dog food

Nutro Max grain-free dog food is also another great option to look out for in 2018. The recipe consists of pasture lamb to keep your dog looking healthy and energized. The ingredients used in this dog food brand are locally sourced thus guaranteeing reliability. No artificial colors or preservatives are used according to the manufacturer this making the food healthy for your dog.

There are other top quality dog foods in the market but these 4 ranked highly based on user reviews and a look at the ingredients used will also reveal a high level of quality. They also had very minimal recalls if any which should give dog owners some confidence.


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