17 Must-Dos during your Ohio Adventure Travel
17 Must-Dos during your Ohio Adventure Travel

Ohio is blessed with beautiful flora and fauna. It’s among the top tourist destination in America. When travelling for adventure in this beautiful state, you can check travel information on region-specific websites such as or global travel websites like TripAdvisor. Here are must-dos to make your Ohio travel adventure worthwhile.

1. Go on Safari 

Go check out the private 10,000-acre conservancy park southeast of Zanesville where there are rhinos, zebras, and antelopes. Also, you can check out the African safari wildlife park in Port Clinton. These safaris are open air and you can get an up-close view of the wildlife from a safe distance.

2. Cantwell Cliffs (Rockbridge)

The Cantwell cliffs is a one-mile-long loop with beautiful sceneries and it’s not for the faint hearted.  The place is located in Rockbridge and features steep cliffs, deep valley and some rock shelters. The Cantwell cliffs has stairs that visitors can use as they explore the place.

3. Take the Miller Ferry to South Bass Island

You should not get out of Ohio without paying a visit to Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island. There are no roads linking the mainland with the island and so if you intend to visit Put-in-Bay, then the Miller Ferry is your option. It’s the only passenger /vehicle ferry. the ride involves narrations and educational information about the Island. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the Island from port Clinton, Ohio.

4. Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial (Put-in-Bay)

This Monument is built 352 feet above Lake Erie’s to commemorate victory during the 1812 civil war. When you visit this place, you will be shown a 15 minutes video about the lake’s history and the Island in general. On a clear day, one can see Cleveland, Ohio, 60 miles away.

5. Brandywine Falls (Cuyahoga Valley National Park)

The beautiful 65-foot waterfall that flows from Brandywine Creek is quite breathtaking and a must-do when in Ohio. If you enjoy the sound of mother nature and the beauty of the flora and fauna, then you will appreciate Brandywine Falls. The falls is located in Northwest Ohio.

6. Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park (Garrettsville)

 This is another unknown gem in Ohio. While hocking hill, and old’s man cave are popular, this beautiful combination of a small water fall, a cave, and a hiking trail is quite breathtaking. It’s located in portage county. Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park. Portage is a 160 acre with hidden waterfalls, diverse plants life, and rugged cliffs.

7. Ohio Caverns (West Liberty)

Go caving in West Liberty and explore one of Americas colorful caverns formed thousands of years ago.  It believed they were formed when underground river cut its way through some ancient limestone creating huge rooms and passage.  With time the passages became filled with stalagmites, crystal stalactites and many other formations.

8. Old Man’s Cave (Logan)

Explore the hocking hills and visit the old man’s cave at the hocking hill state park in Logan. The old’s man cave is among one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Ohio.  It’s estimated to be about a mile long and it should take you about an hour to complete your hike here.

9. Whispering Cave (Logan)

Old’s man cave is not the only cave at the hocking hill national park. This 300-feet wide cavern is at least one mile. The cave features sandstone cliffs that are massive, there is a swinging bridge here and a towering water fall that is beautiful to watch. The Hemlock bridges trails to the whispering cave. 

10. Perry’s Cave (Put-in-bay)

The cave features steep slopes that descend down into an opening to an underground lake.  The lake inside the cave has fresh water and fluctuates in depth with the rise and fall of Lake Erie. It worth your time and it will take you less than 30 minutes for the tour. The temperature inside the cave is estimated to be 5o degrees all year round.

11. Go Ape Treetop Adventure (Strongsville)

Take an epic adventure during you vacation and go for a unique tree top course that is challenging that gives explorers at the Cleveland Metroparks a whole new perspective.  The setting for the adventure course is in the woods at Mill Stream Run Recreation Area in Strongsville. If you are looking for some epic game with friends or family, then you’ve got to visit Go Ape Treetop Adventure.

12. Visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

This building that pays homage to the rock and roll cultures has a beautiful architectural design by Architect I.M. Pei.  There is a lot of history presented by this building including a bronze plaque by the former station’s front door. There is a huge screen that tell the behind the seen to every beetle’s album.

13. Mohican-Memorial State Forest (Ashland County)

One thing about many of Ohio’s attraction is that almost all of them offer a beautiful hiking trail. Mohican-Memorial State Forest is no exemption. Located in Ashland country. This 4,525-acre forest leads to several beautiful attractions within the forests such as Pine Run Creek, Clearfork Gorge, and the Fire Tower.

14. See a Show at Playhouse Square

Playhouse square is apparently the largest performing arts center outside of New York.  The arts and the building have been preserved including the four murals that hang on the lobby. The murals were originally made by James Daugherty. There is a huge outdoor chandelier that holds the Guinness world record.

15. Ride the Coasters

Residents of Ohio are lucky to have two amusement parks: Cedar point and Kings’ Island. Ohio has had these two amusements parks since 1892 for cedar point and 1970 for Kings’ Island. Both of these snaking forms, adrenaline rush fun activities are located in the peninsula and particularly in Sandusky Island.

16. Serpent Mound (Adam’s county)

This is among the largest and strangest effigy mound in the world. It depicts a spiral snake and runs 1,348 ft long. Then it has an oval shape at its head – it’s quite a wonder. The mystery as top the origin of the Mound remains a legend and even a myth sometimes – it depends on who you talk to.

17. Glacial Grooves State Memorial (Kelleys Island)

This is one of the most accessible glacial gloves in the world and attracts tourist from all over the world each year. It estimated to be 15 feet deep, about 35 ft6 wide and almost 400 ft long. Visiting the Glacial Grooves State Memorial is a must-do when in Ohio.


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