People who want to apply under Canada Express Entry program or any person who want to apply for higher education in Australia will have to pass the IELTS exam first. In the Canadian Express Entry system, the minimum language assessment score is a need for getting the Permanent Residency of Canada. But people face so many complications to fulfill this requirement. Some people are not capable of cracking the IELTS test as their English language grasping power is very weak. There are certain tips and tricks that have been devised by the various IELTS experts but before that let us know what is IELTS actually.

What is IELTS?

The full form for IELTS is International Language Testing System. This test is taken in order to check proficiency of the English language of a particular person. This IELTS test will decide whether the person is eligible to settle in any foreign country where the national language spoken is English. The popularity of this test is burgeoning day by day.

What are the kinds of IELTS examinations?

  • IELTS – General
  • IELTS – Academic

IELTS general test is taken if a person wants to get the PR of Canada whereas IELTS Academic test is taken if a student wants to immigrate abroad for higher education first. But different countries have different specifications. The person can get the best advice regarding the immigration purposes from their local and regional immigration offices or the person can get the best advice from various immigration counselors.

What are the factors that constitute 9 bands for IELTS exams?

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Now let’s see what are the common IELTS myths believed by the people and what is the actual reality. Also, there are some tips to crack them. Let’s have a look on the following-

# 1. Myth: Speaking is the most important part of IELTS exam.

Tip – It is a myth. The student needs to focus equally on all the parts of IELTS exam whether it is reading, writing, listening or speaking.

# 2. Myth: Multiple choice questions are very tough.

Tip: One doesn’t need to feel panic because one cannot master a language in some days. It needs practice. In the MCQs, the persistence is needed, the students should make notes while listening the MCQs because the speaker will speak out the questions continuously and if the students will keep notes, they will tend to recall what was the question about. In this way, they can figure out the answer.

# 3. Myth – It’s the quality that matters, not the speed.

Tips – To crack an IELTS exam, “time management” is essential. All the sections have been allotted different times schedules and the students fail to comply with the time limits because of which they fail to crack the IELTS exam.

# 4. Myth – Ability to write well is what matters rather than writing fast.

Tips – This is not true because, in the writing test the students have to write 250 words in the writing task 2 and in the writing task 1, they have to write at least 150 words and that also with quality. Ability to write fast is also very important to crack the IELTS exam. Some students have very good writing skills even then they fail to qualify the writing test 2. The students are allotted a number of assignments in the academics which can help them in exercising the writing skills. Also, the students can take online writing help from the various assignment writing experts which will teach them better writing skills in the form of assignment help.

#5. Myth – At this stage, I cannot improve my English Language.

Tips – Anything can be improved at any time. Always rely on practice. Practice more and more and it will help you in achieving best scores in IELTS exam.

# 6. Myth – Its all about improving the Western accent.

Tips – Speak in the natural accent. It’s not about speaking in the western accent. Speaking bad English in western Accent will not help you in fetching good bands in IELTS.

# 7. Myth – Writing is the toughest part.

Tips – it is not tough. One just to practice the ideas building powers. One can make use of 5Ws What, When, Why, Where, Whom for generation of ideas. Along with this, practice the grammar daily and tenses daily.

# 8. Myth – Academic Reading is tough and General IELTS reading is easy.

Tips – It’s a misconception among students. Both modules need equal practice. In fact, the marking of General IELTS exam is very strict and both modules need equal efforts.

# 9. Myth – Academic writing task 1 is tough.

Tips – Academic IELTS task 1 is not that complicated as it seems. There are graphs, diagrams and process diagrams that one has to write on it. The students just need to polish up their interpreting skills to qualify academic writing task

So, if you are falling short of the IELTS score, one needs to Practice, Practice, and Practice and stop believing these myths about IELTS exams.


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