Right Hospital Bed Mattress Topper

It is very important to consider the minute details such as material, waterproofing and feel, the firmness, and the wash ability of the mattress topper for hospital mattresses. Make sure that the mattress toppers are hypoallergenic as to avoid further infection in patients.

Hospital Bed Mattresses are a huge investment meant to provide utmost comfort to the patients when they are in the process of healing. Therefore, using mattress toppers is a good idea as they not only help in extending the life of the mattresses but also provide added comfort. While there is no dearth of advantages of mattress toppers, here, we are going to take you through some points which you should keep in your mind before buying them for hospital bed mattresses.

1.Study the costs involved
When looking for mattress toppers for hospital beds, it is necessary to go for the ones, which fit well in your budget. While you are looking for the best quality, it is not always that you can go overboard with the budget. Cotton, egg crate foam, and polyester mattresses tend to fall into the cheapest, better quality cotton and feather in the middle; and wool, memory foam, and latex being the most expensive ones.

Remember, higher price doesn’t guaranty better quality, therefore, choose wisely.

2.Support and firmness
When looking for the right mattress topper, you should make sure that the thickness is enough to provide the back of the patients with support and comfort. This is so because, the patients will have to rest on the beds for the major part of the day, making their comfort a vital concern.

The mattress topper should be firm enough to hold the patient in place. If the mattress topper is too clumsy, there is a risk of limbs of the patients getting stuck into the gaps and they might even fall.

The density of mattress toppers for hospital beds tends to fall between mildly dense to firm. The density you select should be enough to hold the patients in place and hold their body weight. Plus, make sure that the height of the already high mattress does not increase too much with the addition of the topper. The higher the height will be, the more difficult it is going to be for the patients to get on and off it.

3.Body heat absorption
To avoid ulceration, make sure that the materials of the mattress topper for hospital beds you are about to select does now retain heat. The patients tend to spend most of the time of their day on bed and therefore, they are at the risk of developing ulceration, rashes, and sweat a lot. To save them from further discomfort, avoid latex or synthetic materials and opt for a cotton mattress topper which is cheaper too.

4.Waterproof and Hypoallergenic
Mattress toppers, which you are selecting for the hospital beds, should be waterproof, as we know that the patients cannot always leave the bed to eat. They eat on the bed and the food tends to spill from time and again.

Though you can clean waterproof mattress toppers easily, it is also necessary to use mattress toppers are hypoallergenic or germ resistant to avoid further infection in patients.

There you go! Now that you know what all you should look for in an ideal hospital bed mattress topper, enhance the comfort of your patients by selecting the right ones.


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