ultrasound therapy machine manufacturers
ultrasound therapy machine manufacturers

Heat Therapy through Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound therapy is basically some sound waves which is above the range of human audible power. This therapy is mainly used to treat injuries which mainly happen due to muscle pull or muscle tear. Mainly used by the physiotherapist trainers, it helps a patient to get relieved from the pains who are suffering from immobility due to joint and muscle problems.

Deeper Heat

The ultrasound machine generally generates heat which occurs from the vibration that is caused due to the sound waves. When the tissue vibrates it increases the friction and it raises the temperature of the injured or the targeted issue. That is why; the ultrasound therapy is more effective than mere hot pads. The ultrasound therapy machine manufacturers also keep in mind the fact that the heat waves sent by the machine should penetrate very deep so that they can reach the affected muscle and joints. One can set the machine frequencies at different levels so that they can get the exact heat that is needed to cure the pain.

Deeper Stretch

As the machine generates heat which penetrates deep, it helps the strained or injured muscles to relax. As a result, the muscle spasm also gets reduced and so the tension releases gradually. There is also an added range of motion to this.

Tissue Healing

The main things which can be cured by this treatment are soft tissue injuries. The heat that is sent by the machine is mainly used to treat the soft tissues. These rays are not meant to cure hard injuries. That is why; these machines that are used to generate these ultrasound rays are only useful when there is a light muscle pull or injury. There is also a particular doe of rays for particular injuries. For lighter injuries there are lighter rays and for grave injuries there are stronger rays.

Scar Tissue Control

Then there is an acoustic effect to this machine. They release some tiny vibrations and they are also known as the micro vibrations. So it is a good idea to treat the scar tissues with this machine. This machine helps the scar tissues to break down. This also works as a good thermal effect to the patient’s body. by breaking the scar tissues, it increases the mobility of the joint or the pain area.

Reduced Pain

Mechanical results of the treatment also controls the pain to certain extent. So it is good to decrease the muscle spasms and some muscle tightness by healing the tissues. So, physical therapists rely on this machine a lot when it comes to therapy.

But serious Arthritis can be only by cured by proper medication only and not by the heat waves generated by these ultrasound machines. Although patients suffering from joint pains and Ostreo  Arthritis can get some benefits out of these machines.

Ultrasound therapy unit price in India can be found from online sites where medical machines are sold. Many physiotherapists buy this machine as it is of great usage.


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