Top 13 dangerous side effects of a diet
Top 13 dangerous side effects of a diet

Are you people serious about diet? If yes then let me tell you dieting is not 100% save for everyone. You have to cut down from numerous nutritious foods and might have to limit the calories intake as well. There are so many dangerous effects of dieting that is unknown to us, and we need to pay special attention to this. Every diet has side effects whether you people are on a keto diet or low carb diet and whatever is recommended by a dietitian, you have to pay extra attention to achieving weight loss goals. In this blog, we are going to share some of the harmful effects of a diet. Let’s have a look

You may feel dizzy 

If you are on intermittent fasting, then definitely long stretches of the fasting would negatively impact your health. You may feel dizziness, headaches and constipation. If you want to get rid of the certain side effects, it’s essential to switch your diet plan or ask your dietitian. It happens because of periodic fasting or time-restricted eating plan because we may have to fast for a long time.


When we don’t overeat, we have less energy to burn and give sluggishness. It causes fatigue. Usually, this happens in a keto diet where we use low carbs that increase the fatigued feeling and reduce our interest in exercising. Do you know how much cutting carbs are dangerous for health? It lowers down the energy because of nutrients restriction such as vitamin B12, folate and iron. Never ever go for such a diet in which restrictive nutrients are too much, which negatively impact your health.

Slower down your metabolism

Various diets slow down your metabolism, especially when you go for crash diet because it does so many disasters to health. It won’t give you a more prolonged hunger feeling because crash diet reduces the contestant’s leptin levels flat-lined. Dieters may have to work on themselves to store fat to boost up the energy levels.

Hair falling

Yes, people with aggressive diet plans would face hair falling issues because of low-calorie diet intake. Lack of nutrients disrupts the hair follicles growth. We all know nutritional deficiency put bad impact on hair structure and hair growth. Sudden weight loss or low protein intake cause sever type of hair fall that we face. Many people suffer from alopecia because of nutrients deficiency.

Muscle mass will be decreased

Sometimes we are unaware of severe side effects in which muscle mass decreases for weight gain. It happens because of low calories intake and affects people health, and you will see a great decrease in muscle mass.

Mood swings

With the deficiency of nutrients, we have so many mood swings because of not appropriate quantity of food. It affects our mood because of hormonal changes and less blood sugar level. When we all will have low energy consumption, then the body becomes more tired and fatigued. You can experience this within a few days.

Higher alcohol drinking risks

Mostly alcohol addiction increases dieting risk. If you are on a diet and taking excessive amounts of alcohol, you will not have any benefits and harmful impacts that can be seen more severely in dieters. 

Increased appetite

When we cut back on fat in a diet, then do you it increase the hunger. Do you know fat is a bit slower in digesting protein and carbs? Whatever you eat in diet, make sure you have multiple nutrients and contain fats to boost your body for the next meal. Yes, diet increases your appetite, and you start craving for those prohibited in the diet. 

Risk of depression

Various diets cause massive depression because of lack of nutrients. Mostly diet cause irritability, anxiety and depression. People also feel low esteem issues as well as tired feeling. Many people messed up with their diet plan and lead to depression. Various adults find this problematic in their bodies because they don’t find the right energy level for doing whatever they want to and on the other hand, depression level is increased too much.

Hormonal changes

We all know how much low calories negatively impact our health and its outcomes are quite dangerous. We also face different types of issues, including lack of sleep, eating tons of sugar, and excessive alcohol use. These all thing put adverse health effects over your health.

Increased inflammation

Do you know diet is the main reason for increased inflammation? When our body is indulged in so much extra work, including different dieting patterns, inflammation occurs. You would always feel drained, but various diets are also for lowering inflammation as well. Get the help of your dietitian to know which is suitable for your health.

Make your sleep troubled

Dieting makes your sleep troubled because when you are hungry for certain foods, it causes lack of sleep. Sleep is essential for your health, and lack of sleep causes inflammation and mood swings. You would feel dizzy and fatigue throughout the day. It won’t be healthy at all. Make sure you people are taking a sleep of 7-8 hours.

Worsened body shape

Diet is not about to give you a healthy lifestyle only but to make your boy shape aesthetic, but it has been seen with different people where body shapes are in worst conditions because of dieting. It should have a positive body image that must increase self-esteem, but in reality, we see different things that are not right.

These are the few dangerous side effects of a diet. We are not saying diet is not good but make sure you people are taking good dietitians. They would tell you about dos and don’ts. Always go for those things that suit you and give better feeling rather than torturing yourself with different diets, which has almost cut down everything.



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