Firefly Vaporizer Reviews

The eminent brand of vaporizer Firefly has created a stir in the vaping community with the induction of its latest Firefly 2 vaporizer. If you ask what is so special about this vaporizer then please be informed that it is a highly coveted brand of portable vaporizer featuring a system of dynamic convection. If you consider the heating time then surely it scores way above its predecessors. With a heating time of three to five seconds, it is surely an improved rendition. With the Firefly 2, you can start vaping session in quick succession.

Your quest for a vape session that offers the best taste, smoother draws, at a cool temperature will find fulfillment with the Firefly 2. Whether you seek a quick session or fond of splitting bowls into several courses, few can match the competency of Firefly Vaporizer and its heat up system available on demand. It is the best in the business when it comes to fulfilling your custom vaping needs.

If you check out the latest Firefly Vaporizer review then you will come to know that the Firefly 2 is much lighter and smaller than the original. What makes it delightful is the built quality and design, which is a beautiful fusion Air and crafty vaporizers. The manufacturers have preferred a magnesium alloy body over a stainless steel body. It is proving to be a prudent transition choice that is paying rich dividends. You will definitely find the aesthetics of Firefly 2 impressive. In comparison to other low-end vaporizers, the Firefly vaporizer renders higher levels of convenience with minimum odor and lower time for heat up.

It is not just offering users one but two swappable batteries. A rare virtue among the brands of vaporizers available in the contemporary market. If you take a close look at the market, you will come across a few brands that are offering more than a single cell like the Firefly. If that is impressive enough there are more good things in offering in the form of super-cool accessories like isopropyl alcohol wipes, multi sided brush, and sword tools/ plastic toothpick. Wait! It is not over the list of offerings include a USB charging dock and concentrate pad.

The internal specifications are stand toe-to-toe with the beautiful aesthetics of its exteriors. The

Firefly 2 is offering six different heat setting, 50-watt heater and glass bowl made from borosilicate. You can use the six different heating settings specifically to serve concentrates and dry herbs. The speed at which the Firefly Vaporizer heats up is just incredible. It heats up to a temperature of 400 F in three seconds and 420 F in five seconds. The glass bowl is made from heat resistant material you will feel at ease while handling the device. It is very safe to touch the metal bottom and the glass side. You can heat up your herbs on the move while taking a draw. You can efficiently make discrete sessions from breaking a single bowl.

At the bottom of the bowl, the Firefly 2 features the use of 55 small hole patterns. When you compare it with the original unit, you will find that it has enhanced the capability of larger air intakes facilitating increased airflow. IT comes with a built-in application that you can customize with your Android and iPhone. It lets you change the temperature, check battery life, and take advantage of different setting present in the unit. No doubt in the market of vaporizers, the Firefly 2 is one of the most convenient vaporizers to use. You can easily clean the device. All you need is a wiping cloth and an ISO propyl alcohol solution.


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