the home remedies for mange
the home remedies for mange

The mange is the disease caused by parasites. You can easily contract mange. The disease also spreads quickly in the summer, and the most vulnerable objects are children because they have thin and sensitive skin. Many people have difficulties in finding a way to get rid of these terrible symptoms. With the home remedies for mange below, it is believed that the symptoms of mange will considerably reduce.

When you have mange, the initial symptom is just a slightly red spot that makes you feel incredibly itchy. Then, there will be small blisters on the skin.

Due to the severe itching, the people with mange often scratch, which leads to bleeding. Consequently, the fluid inside the vesicle can spread to other areas of the skin and other people as well.

Common symptoms of the disease

  1. The early stage:

The itching that causes the patients to undergo a terrible feeling is the primary symptom. These symptoms usually occur after about one week of catching the disease. Those who have mange are less itchy in the daytime, but the itching rises at night.

  1. The latter stage:

When the injuries have appeared in succession, they will include:

  • Primary injuries: The zigzag lines with the grayish-white color that has a length of several millimeters and are not related to the epidermis. At the beginning of the lines are the blisters with the length of one or two millimeters. These blisters are where parasites usually reside.
  • Other injuries: scratches, blood stains, and dark scars.

How to treat mange with chinaberry leaves

The chinaberry is from 10 to 20 meters in height; the leaves are green all year round. However, when the drought comes, almost the leaves fall. The chinaberry leaves have been used for the prevention and treatment of some diseases. In fact, for a long time, chinaberry leaves are regarded as one of the most effective home remedies for mange.

You can apply either of the ways below to treat mange or combine two of them to get the expected results.

Method 1:

This method can be done quite easily. You just prepare a handful of chinaberry leaves, then wash and boil them with water for daily bathing. In addition to bactericidal and antiseptic properties, the chinaberry leaf juice also makes the blisters on your hand shrink in order to reduce the spread of the disease. However, the leaves contain toxicity. Therefore, when following this way, you do not make this water go into your mouth, nose, and eyes because it may cause poisoning.

Method 2:

  • You prepare a handful of chinaberry leaves, a handful of snake jasmine leaves and a handful of citronella leaves.
  • After washing these leaves, you cook them with 23 liters of water for about 30 minutes so that the water boils.
  • You leave it cool, then soak the affected skin into the water. You also can use this water for bathing
  • If you are taking western medicine for treating mange, please apply it to the skin after bathing with this leaf water. The reason is that if being cleaned before using the ointment, the skin with the disease will receive the better result.
  • Even if your disease is being in a severe state, you still can recover from the disease. You only need to spend about two weeks treating mange with these types of leaves. After this period, you will see that the blisters, as well as the itching, will gradually disappear.

How to treat mange with the mixture of different types of leaves

  • Combine chinaberry bark and honey locust: You thinly slice the chinaberry bark and take honey locust seed, 50 grams for each. Then, you dry them in a pan, grind them into the fine powder and mix them with 100 millimeters of sesame oil or peanut oil to create the thick glue. You apply this mixture to the body part with mange once or twice per day.
  • Combine roots, branches, leaves of snake jasmine and roots of candle bush, 20 grams for each. These ingredients are cut short, crushed and soaked into 100 milliliters of white wine for one week. For use, you dip a swab in medicinal alcohol and apply it to the skin with mange twice per day.
  • Combine 120 grams of thinly sliced longan bark, 60 grams of crushed betel leaves and 20 grams of alum. Next, you put all the ingredients into the pot, add 400 milliliters of water and boil the water until it remains 100 milliliters. You decant this medicinal water, then apply it to the skin twice a day. Note that before using, you need to clean the affected area.

How to treat mange by bathing with medicine

Herbal bath remedies help to cleanse the skin and kill bacteria. You need to combine medicinal bath remedies during the process of treating mange to get the desired results.

  • Combine types of herbs including melicope pteleifolia, devil weed, and Indian fleabane. All the herbs are put in the pot for boiling. You add 20 grams of alum to the mixture. Waiting for the water to be cool, you use this water for bathing.
  • Wash peach leaves and put them in the water to boil for bathing. This way has an effect of reducing the heat from the body, killing bacteria and healing mange.
  • Take a handful of curved flower woody chassalia leaves to wash and finely chop. Then, dip them into 5 liters of water for boiling. Waiting until the water gets cool, you use this water to take a bath once a day. It is considered one of the most effective oriental herbal medicine for treating skin diseases. You just do that for 3-5 days, the itching will stop existing, and the blisters also disappear.

Some notes

In addition to using the methods above for the mange treatment, patients had better comply with the following principles:

  • Try to detect and treat the disease at early stage. As a result, your will rapidly recover from the disease, and the mange also will less spread. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to apply the medicine to the body arbitrarily, which may cause harm to your health.
  • Clothes, mosquito nets, blankets, and pillows should be thoroughly cleaned before and after the use. Patients can also dip these things into the boiled water, dry them in the sun and iron them before the use. It helps kill all itch mites and eggs and prevent the recurring infection or the spread of the disease. Note that you need to avoid sharing clothing and personal belongings.
  • The disease may recur in the cycle of every three weeks because the eggs still survive and develop into adult itch mites. In this case, you reluctantly have to restart the treatment with the appropriate method.
  • It is also necessary to treat all the people who are suffering from itch, living in the family, classroom and dormitory to avoid the spread to each other.

It is believed that home remedies for mange will help you to recover from the disease quickly. Apart from the herbs mentioned above, you can consider using other plants for treating mange such as sponge gourd leaves, eucalyptus leaves, and common purslane. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you should take some advice from a doctor to have the most appropriate treatment.


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