Best English Breakfast Tea
Best English Breakfast Tea

The classic Full English breakfast is never complete without a beverage and majority of the people prefer tea that is black and strong. The preferred flavour of the tea depends upon the preference of the tea drinker. The knowledge of certain characteristics can help you to recognise and appreciate the best-tasting tea.

What is Best English Breakfast Tea?

English breakfast is the luxury drink that is consumed in England and most part of the UK. The Brits refer to it as tea. The prefix “English” is added by the Americans to describe the blend.

It is a great morning beverage that complements the English breakfast because of its delicious flavour, aroma and many other qualities. It is not differentiated on the basis of method of preparation nor a particular formula that defines the variety of tea that should be used.

The refreshing tea blends tend to have a robust taste; they have higher caffeine levels that keep you alert throughout the day. It is slightly bitter in taste. It is strong and goes well if prepared using milk.

But most of the people generally prefer black tea in which milk and cream are not added. This variety of tea is rich and strong but is slightly milder compared to Irish Breakfast tea. The components make it milder than Assam black teas and Yunnan red teas.

What are the top-selling brands of breakfast tea in England?

There are no words to praise the crowned brand PG Tips of Unilever Corporation that sells the best tea, making it the most popular brand of tea in the entire UK.

Yorkshire Gold has maximum sales and is also preferred by the tea lovers. Maximum sale cannot be equated with the flavour and quality. There are many companies that sell loose tea leaves and have more defined aroma and rate extremely high in terms of quality.

Online purchase of the healthy beverage:

It is easily available at any local store. Many vendors keep loose tea leaves that are extremely high if judged on the basis of quality and savour.

If you are not able to locate any store try buying English breakfast tea online by mail order. The virtual store is will deliver the product at your doorsteps. It also gives you the opportunity to compare the prices and avail the best offer. Numerous blogs and reviews are written on various websites.

How to prepare the best English breakfast tea by buying or blending single origin tea?

Generally, single-origin tea, are perfect in taste and aroma. They are produced in a particular country or a specific sub-region within the country. Sri Lanka produces Ceylon black tea and its flavour is loved by the British.

Ceylon has the component that is similar in taste to most of the English breakfast blends. Assam teas and Nilgiri teas are best for strong flavours. So are the black tea from Kenya and Indonesia. You can actually explore various blends and select the best one.


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