meditation and yoga
meditation and yoga

Yoga is an art of life and meditation is the way to reach our soul. Every human can attain the superhuman abilities through mastering the arts of meditation and yoga. Undoubtedly it will require unfathomed dedication and a lot of perseverance to be able to reach that level where we call ourselves superhuman instead!

What are superhuman abilities?

Being superhuman doesn’t mean that you can fly off the terrace and hold electric shocks with your finger movements! Superhuman abilities mean you do things in a perfectly organized manner and meet all the expectations that you hold from yourself as well as those of your loved ones. The levels of fitness and wisdom should be supreme. Your emotional intelligence quotient should be high and your decisions should be able to make you superlative of all your companions. You should be focused, determined and undefeatable in all the tasks that you take up in your hands.

How to achieve this level of perfection through meditation and yoga?

Yoga is not only about the postures and the breathe control movements. Similarly meditation is also not about focusing your attention to a single point object. The aim of both of these practices is to conjoint your mind with the movements of your body as well as bring your thoughts in synchronization.

What you think should be your actions- this can be done only when you can synchronize your thoughts with your brain.

Yoga helps you in bringing your body and its movements in your control. Similarly meditation, when properly guided by experts, will help you in attaining the link between your thoughts and your actions.

On reading this you may ask- who controls our body movements if not us?

It is true that we dwell in the body and make movements at our will but it has be known that most of the movements we make and most of the thoughts we generate are not our conscious decisions. 80-90% of time our movements and thoughts are made out of unconscious decisions. We do not realize what we do and what we think. Mostly this is the reason of negative thoughts and emotions that dwell in human minds. If we start paying attention to what our body is signaling every time there will be no delay in the coordination of the movements and we will be able to control what we want to achieve.

The best examples of such coordination are the expert gymnasts and athletes. At the time of their performance they lay their entire attention to their movements and focus completely on how they are going to control it. They attain mastery by practicing this art.

In day to day human activities we can achieve that level of perfection with the help of meditation and yoga.

To be able to achieve your long term and short term goals in life is not less than being superhuman. Meditation and yoga are the only way to realize your full potential and become superhuman.


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