On for tonight. Low-Top-Retro-11-Retro-Jordans-Low-Top-Top-Quality-Air-Jordan-11-Retro-Low Cel oh ya I’m hip my man.. I love the nba been watching all my life. I’m giant lebron fan but put him aside.. the same people skip bayless or whoever that use the 6 rings as there go to why nobody.. especially lebron will pass jordan .. has no awnser when u say well if that’s all that matters then is bill Russell twice as good as jordan? 11 rings well uhhh uhhh well it wasnt the modern era blah blah blah.. and another thing I always say is fr the goat convo is dumb because centers and power forwards .. post players are almost playing a completely different game than guards .. wing players

It should fr be to separate categories.. did jordan dominate the way bill Russell did defensively or wilt offensively or shaq just all around being physically unstoppable ? no but there positions dictate different games.. and Jordan likes to act all proud like he played in a tougher era which is true to an extent but we have Michael Jordan to think and no one else for how soft the league has become because it all started with him and the fans and the league wanting to see him do his Air Jordan s*** without defenses shutting him down from being too physical the Pistons dominated Jordan’s bulls with Pippen with Phil Jackson until they started making every little call and sending him to the line constantly because what they wanted to do was make the league more exciting and It All Started With His Airness so as much as he’s an ass about saying players play in a soft leave now which is true it started with him and his just got worse from there I am in no way Jordan Hayter he was great no doubt about it but like we have said it’s ridiculous how no one else is allowed to be in his rarefied air space because there were plenty of greats and to touch on what you said about Allen Iverson oh my God man I got to grow up watching Allen Iverson he’s one of the best to ever do it pound for pound like in boxing how they fold Mayweather is the pound-for-pound the Great same principle because bigger Fighters would have kicked his ass but Allen Iverson was going to the whole again 7-footers ? I wish so bad he got a ring maybe he would have got more credit but still not enough credit because the league didn’t like Allen Iverson they didn’t want that ghetto rapper tough guy tattooed out image a part of the game that’s a big reason the media dubbed him so bad.


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