To begin with, a Lasik surgery acts as a replacement for spectacles or contact lenses for you. Generally, a LASIK surgery is a procedure or a surgical procedure intended to reduce your  dependency on glasses or contact lenses. It is a process that permanently changes the shape of the cornea, which is the clear covering over the front of the eye. You might not be aware, but the term LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. Now, before the surgery, your doctor may instruct you on some things. Such as lying down straight, you might be asked to use some topical eye drops, keep your eye area clean, and more. Usually, your doctor may also give you some sedatives that might help you to relax. In LASIK surgery your doctor will reshape your cornea, followed by other steps. However, as your eye area is very sensitive, you must make sure that you contact the best eye clinic in Delhi.

Now every coin has two sides. So does the LASIK surgery. Luckily, we have brought you some pros and cons of LASIK surgery in Delhi.

Pros of LASIK Surgery:


1. LASIK Surgery is safe and quick:


Generally, a LASIK surgery requires about 15 minutes. Also, the time your doctor needs to set up the surgery will cover in 20 minutes too. You will find this process as a simple procedure that is quick too. Usually, it does not direct you to stay overnight in the hospital for the surgery. So, this acts as a plus point for you to get relief from spectacles and contact lenses. However, if you remain awake, your doctor might give you a Valium. This will calm your nerves. This surgery is safe for you, as the laser your doctor will use is designed to shut off in an emergency or due to any sudden movement of your eye. 


2. You will see results quickly:


Unlike other surgery, it does not take long to react and show results to you. It will not take long for you to have clear eyesight. The recovery is quick in this surgery. Usually, your vision will start improving within a few hours of your surgery.  As the surgery will start showing its result in a few hours,  you will feel fully normal in 48 hours and you can carry your days as normal as you want. Generally, most people notice a huge difference after the day of the surgery. However, if you receive PRK, you will need at least one month to recover. In addition to that, you might also go through some pain. This pain will be minor as it is due to the removal of the corneal surface. 

Cons of LASIK Surgery:


1. Injuries to flaps: 


Now, the recovery of your LASIK surgery is quick. However, the healing of your corneal flap takes more time. Mainly because the flaps that are created during your LASIK surgery are not secured. As a result, you will need to give special attention to not rubbing your eyes in the process of healing. If there is any trauma near your flap or that area, it can remove the flap. This can lead you to a serious visiting problem. Now, this trauma can be anything. Such as, hitting your head, rubbing your eyes, pushing your eye during sports, fingernails, and many more. 


2. Eligibility: 


When we talk about any surgery, there is a chance of being eligible and ineligible for you. So does LASIK Surgery have eligibility. If you are above 40 years, you are not eligible for LASIK Surgery. The reason behind this is, when you are above 40, the lens becomes hard and rigid. In addition to that, it obstructs the close-up vision. So, if you are 40 and above you are not eligible for the LASIK Surgery.

For Lasik Surgery you can contact the Visual Aids Centre.   


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