Plan for Skinny Guys

Skinny people always believe that it is their genetics that is responsible for the missing of muscle in their body, and skinny men especially believe that they will never be able to gain intensive muscle over their body. Therefore, most skinny men dump their wish of gaining upper body or lower body weight into the outbox of their wishlist, and they never look upon the gym section in their life. 

But science has now elevated to massive heights, and there is a technique or a solution to every problem, and indeed this one has it. We have bought you a plan to help the skinny guys gain muscle weight within 60 days.

Motivate Yourself:

The most important thing that matters regarding this muscle build-up plan is motivating yourself. Push yourself towards your goal and remain consistent with it. Without consistency and self-motivation, it is quite impossible to achieve the desired results. Set up a schedule and stick to it. Dedicate at least 2 hours of your time to your work out routine. But don’t go too hard on yourself, have cheat days, and exercise a maximum of 3 days a week. But keep it in mind, that the exercise has to be intense and challenging; otherwise, efficient results will be hard to achieve,

Join a Gym:

It is also essential that you join a gym because building up the muscle is a pretty intense task, and it will not be achieved just by doing simple cardio and plunges; instead, such light exercises will make you lose more weight. Inform your gym instructor with your goals and indulge in muscle building exercises. But don’t push yourself too hard; otherwise, all of it can go wrong. 

Protein Intake:

Yes, diet also influences the muscle-building process; therefore, you must maintain a healthy diet too. Besides healthy and clean eating, a diet full of nutrition and proteins is also essential. In fact, proteins mainly help you gain muscle, so try eating more lean meats and nuts. You can also opt for protein bars and shakes. This is what most athletes do for building up the muscle. Take protein bars as snacks and have the protein shakes after your workout. It is not only best for building up your body, but these drinks and snacks are energizing and act as a boost up after a tiring workout.

Be Sporty:

Sports are not only a great form of exercise, but they also prove to be a great source of fun. And indeed, there are times when you must be feeling tires of a continuous hardcore gym routine, then for such situations, try indulging yourself into various sports. They are often ignored when it comes to muscle build-up, but sports also contribute to muscle build-up to an extent. For instance, you can try soccer, basketball, or cricket. These sports keep you lively while making you exercise.

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Be Patient:

Muscle building up is a process in itself. Therefore, you must show patience for results. Obviously, you will not gain 10 pounds or so in just a week of working out. The process can take time. Therefore relax and be patient. Instead of waiting anxiously for the results, try enjoying the process. Develop your interest in it. Try new exercises from time to time, which will help you maintain your interest in building the muscle. Try socializing or communicating with people who are passing or have passed through a similar situation in which you are. It will inspire you and will provide you with a reason to continue your muscle-gaining journey.


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