Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Spine issues can be due to any reason, but getting it treated in time is the thing that one needs to pay attention to. If the symptoms of the problems start becoming severe over time, then the patients should consult a spine specialist immediately. In some cases, the problem can be treated with the help of medications and therapies. However, in some cases, spine surgery tends to be the only answer. This is where one should go to the best spine center to know one’s options.

Types of spine surgery

When it comes to spine surgery, there are two options that there is. one is the traditional spine surgery, which is an open surgery and the other one is the minimally invasive surgery. In the former, the anatomy of the patient is exposed, whereas, in the latter, the anatomy is exposed to the least.

Both surgeries have only one goal and that is to solve the problem of the spine and stop any further degeneration of the spine. A good spine center will make sure that the surgical trauma is the least for the patients, and that there is quick recovery with fast healing.

What is minimally invasive spine surgery?

In several spine-related problems like bone spurs, herniated discs, spinal instability, scoliosis, tumors, etc. there is always a chance that due to these spinal issues, there will be pressure built up in the spinal nerves and spinal joints.

To release the pressure, one of the best options is to undergo minimally invasive spine surgery. This is a much faster and quicker option, as compared to open surgeries. It has less recovery time and the muscular and soft tissue trauma is way less. These surgeries are done with the help of CAT scans, invasive cameras, etc. which gives more effective results. Most of the time local anesthesia is used, thus avoiding nay drug reaction and the surgery can be performed easily on the outpatients as well.

Some of the common procedures that can be done using the minimally invasive spinal surgeries are:

  • Spinal decompression
  • Discectomy
  • Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion

Benefits of minimally invasive surgery

Some of the major benefits if the minimally invasive spine surgery is:

  • The blood loss of the patient is significantly low.
  • The surgery is performed by making a small incision on the skin, and this means the scarring will be less and the healing will be faster too.
  • In most of the cases, the patient is discharged on the very same day.
  • As the surgery is done by using minimal cutting and moving of the soft tissues, the muscular damage is often low with almost no cutting.
  • The postoperative pain in these surgeries is less as compared to the open surgeries.
  • The recovery time from this type of surgery is less.
  • As the surgical invasion is kept low in these surgeries, the chances of infection are also significantly low.
  • The need for pain medication in patients is also low after these surgeries.

How to find a good spine clinic?

If one is choosing a minimally invasive surgery, then one must also pick the best spine center for the surgery to be completed. Few things to consider before picking any spinal clinic are:

  • Check the credentials of the surgeon: it is very crucial to know if the surgeon is board certified and licensed to do surgeries. Ask about their experience and what type of surgeries they have done before.
  • The reputation of the clinic: other than the surgeon, one should check if the clinic is reputed or not. read reviews of the clinic and check what the past patients have to say about them.
  • Cost and service: lastly, one should check the cost of the surgery and what another fess they include in the bill. also, make sure that the staff at the clinic is helpful and friendly and is ready to answer the questions of their patients.

Final words

Minimally invasive spinal surgery is one of the most famous types of surgeries these days. it is not only time effective but also makes recovery easier. however, it is quite understandable that these surgeries and intricate, and therefore one should pay more attention to the surgeon and clinic before reaching out.


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