pest control
pest control

Deeply disappointed because pests have invaded your home and made your life hell? If yes, I can understand your condition because I have already seen several such people whose properties were invaded by different pests.

I am not writing this blog to show my empathy for you, but to help you. I am going to share some useful do-it-yourself pest control methods to aid you to eliminate the pests from your home.

Here are they.

Fix the cracks and holes

Repairing the cracks and the holes in your home must be the first thing you should do because the pests mostly dwell in the holes and the cracks. Identify other places in your home where they can hide themselves to make it sure they cannot stay there.

Plant Mint

Mint not only adds taste to your food but also repels pests. As a repellent, this can eliminate spiders, mosquitos, and several other pests from your home. Therefore, this would be better to make the mint a permanent member of your home. You should not have any problem with it because it smells great. How can you include it as a permanent member of your family? You can plant mint in pots and keep the weeds on the porch, patio, or the entrance. Do not plant it in your soil’s garden directly. Why? This is because it can take soil and water resources away from other plants.


If you appreciate the taste of beer, then you will have now one more reason to appreciate it. What reason? Your beer can help remove pests from your home. At places, you see them, you can spray the beer, and then you will look at the pests disappeared in a short while.


Lavender can help you eliminate moths from your drawers and closets. How can you use it? It is effortless. Buy lavender oil from the market and then take it into a sprayer. Now, you can spray it everywhere you see moths, and after few minutes, you will notice no moths in the areas where they were.

Hot Pepper Spray

Make a mixture of water and hot pepper flakes. Take a gallon of water and add five to six tablespoon of hot pepper flakes to it, and then shake the gallon water well. Now, take the mixture in a large utensil and simmer it for 15-20 minutes. The mixture is ready. Let it cool and then spray it everywhere in your home.

Using these methods will help you rid of the pests in your home, but, unfortunately, they will not leave your home permanently but to return. For a permanent solution, you will need professional help. You can hire a specialist in pest control, Brisbane.


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