liposuction surgery
liposuction surgery

First of all, one needs to know why a liposuction surgery is needed at all if they are going for one. The main purpose that it serves is removing extra fat from human body parts and helping in reshaping them. It is not used to reduce body weights. The main areas of a body which needs liposuction are those which do not burn fat even after regular diet and exercise.  It may be outer thighs, hips and back portion of a body. The face, neck, abdomen, buttocks and legs are also treated with this treatment. This surgical process is also used to treat certain medical conditions.

There are three main types of liposuction. They are, tumescent liposuction, laser assisted liposuction and ultrasound assisted liposuction. The main effect as we all know is the reduction of excess fat from body parts. There are in fact some improvements in body contours after the surgery is done. But there are some things that should be kept in mind. Liposuction removes fat but it never tightens the skin from where the fat is removed. So there are some traits of loose skin after the treatment. It takes around 6 months to tighten the skin. A younger skin heals faster than an older skin. So the time of healing may also vary.

If going for liposuction surgery in India, one should be aware that no surgery comes without benefits and some side effects. The benefits have already been mentioned above. Here are some side effects that can occur post liposuction surgery.

  • In some cases, inflammation and swelling in body parts happen. This can be taken care of with ice bags.
  • These surgeries create partial numbness and paralysis (temporarily) in parts of a body.
  • One has to maintain a proper diet with protein and nutrients. Otherwise weakness will prevail.
  • Post surgery, nausea is created.
  • Bleeding can also happen from some parts.
  • Rashes or itching may happen.

Rhinoplasty: It is known as nose job which means reshaping a nose to make it bigger or smaller. It is done to narrow the span of nostrils or to adjust the angle between nose and upper lips. Though the recovery time post surgery is a month but one has a high chance of getting sun burn on nose even two months after the surgery.

Face Lift: The excess fat from the face is removed and the muscles are tightened so that the wrinkles in an aged skin are not visible anymore.  It takes almost a month to recover but one cannot expose their face to a full sunlight for several days after the surgery.

There are many more but one should remember that human body is natural. Too much artificial into it actually destroys it. Reshaping of a body is needed only if there is a major problem. Otherwise it is not mandatory to undergo knives. It is expensive as well. If you do not get your desired result it becomes more difficult to cope up with it.


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