Laser Treatment

Hair looks beautiful only if they are grown on your scalp rather than anywhere else. It is really a very annoying situation when you cannot wear your favourite dress just because of the unwanted hair on legs, neck or armpits. There is a huge market of temporary hair removal products including creams, wax, tweezer, razor and epilators. However, they cannot help in getting you permanently rid of annoying hair. For sorting out this problem, light beam therapy of laser is the best solution that you can expect at the current time. The laser is a multipurpose technology that serves the purposes from industrial grade metal cutting to beauty treatments in salons. Instead of removing the visible hair, it directly penetrates deeper inside the roots.

Here is detailed information that will help you in understanding the working of the laser.


How laser works as a permanent hair removal measure

Before understanding its working on hair follicles, you need to know what it actually is. A laser is basically a narrow spectrum of light that amplifies with stimulated emission of radiation. It precisely focuses on a pinpoint space with intensity to penetrate inside. With some controllable measures, scientists harnessed its power in order to treat skin problems.

It is an amazing device for removing hair permanently with just a focus of beam in right intensity. A dermatologist thoroughly examines your skin regarding its sensitivity, colour and allergic reactions before focusing the wavelength. The upper layer of skin is called dermis that also acts as the first protective layer of the body. However, the roots of the hair are found in the second layer which is known as the epidermis. When a dermatologist focuses laser beam for leg or chin hair removal, it penetrates the first layer and reaches the epidermis where hair follicles exist. Here light energy of laser turns into heat when interacting with the dark pigment of follicles. Consequently, it destroys from the root and prevents from growing any hair again. However, it takes at least 2 to 3 sessions with intervals of 4 weeks for complete removal.

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Post-treatment impacts

1) Redness or swelling are the common symptoms that you can notice after the treatment session. However, it reduces down after the second or third session.

2) The the first treatment session in any Atlanta laser hair removal clinic will drastically reduce the speed of hair regrowth. However, you need to complete the full course for expected results.

3) Skin becomes hypersensitive after a laser treatment because it causes damage to the upper layer. Thus; prevent yourself from the direct exposure to sunlight. Otherwise, you will suffer from hyperpigmentation.

From bikini line hair removal to your upper lips, a laser is capable of dealing with all kinds of follicles. People with dark skin pigment are the ideal candidates for laser treatment, but it can also beneficiate the people with less melanocyte pigment.


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