tobacco smoking

Tobacco cigarettes also known as traditional cigarettes are smoked by many. These cigarettes contain tobacco, and when the cigarette is lighted, it releases a lot of smoke in the air this smoke also enters the human body through the mouth and nostrils. Tobacco smoke can irritate the eyes of many people. It can also cause suffocation and worsen ailments like asthma. People who smoke cigarettes after certain duration might fall sick due to the excessive inhalation of tobacco smoke. The people who are dependent on smoking and have become chain smokers cannot do away with smoking. Their health is worst affected by smoking, but they are unable to stop smoking because of the pronounced dependence which they have developed towards smoking.

Toning down the dependence of tobacco smoking

Many individuals try to tone down the smoking of cigarettes, but very few people succeed in their attempt to curb smoking. In most cases, people think about quitting smoking only when the problem has gone out of hand. Chain smokers suffer a lot from ailments related to cigarette smoking but cannot stop themselves from smoking cigarettes.

In the present era, awareness is being created regarding the ill effects of tobacco on human health. Cigarette packs are being sold with statutory warnings depicting the ill effect of cigarette smoke on the pack. Cigarette packs are sold only to individuals who are legally permitted to smoke. But despite all these efforts cigarette smoking is quite rampant and people can’t give up this degrading habit. In many instances, attempts are made to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked in a day, but these attempts are rendered futile by the urge caused by the dependence on tobacco.

To bring down the consumption of tobacco cigarettes, companies are building a new kind of cigarette. This is a smokeless and tobacco less form which is known as e-cigarette. These e-cigs are filled with nicotine cartridge. These cartridges are heated by a circuit coil by passing electricity. Just like phones are charged to provide it with the power for keeping the device operational; e-cigarettes are also a form of chargeable device which provides a person with the experience of puffing cigarettes. This kind of smoking without burning tobacco is gladly welcomed by people who are trying to leave the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes. Hence as a measure for reducing the urge of smoking tobacco cigarettes a person can choose the option of e-cigarettes, this will help him/her to stay from tobacco puffs and will also provide a way for satisfying the craving.

The uniqueness of vaping devices in the present world

To combat the rampant rise in the smoking of tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs or vaping devices are created. The harm that is caused by smoking normal cigarettes is not limited to the person who is smoking the cigarette but also affects people who are working near that individual. The environment also gets polluted due to the smoke released from traditional cigarettes. When it comes to e-cigs, it is observed that no combustion takes place as vapors are released. The amount so smoke is also negligible, and in most cases, nicotine is used as the primary substance in the cartridge of the e-cig. The salient features of a vape cigarette are delineated below for better understanding:

The construction of e-cig cartridges with multiple flavors:

Flavorings are food grade flavors which are added for making the vapor which is being released from the device a bit different from normal nicotine smell or taste. The taste of nicotine is very distinct, and many people don’t want to use such a strong and slightly bitter taste. For all those individuals there is a range of fruity flavors and also other tastes like coffee and even chocolate. These flavors will alter the puffing experience to a great degree. A person can try out different flavors to see what works the best for him/her. Sometimes people also like to change flavors for keeping he e-cig experience interesting, and this is very easy as one can buy any number of flavors packs from branded companies that sell the vapor pods. But many individuals to prefer to keep the original flavor of nicotine and for those people, unflavored nicotine cartridges are also available.

Easy usage of e-cigarettes:

An individual might feel that the method of using an e-cigarette is quite difficult, but in reality smoking, e-cigarettes are very easy and once purchased it can be charged and used for a considerable number of puffs. If the individual has bought a non-reusable e-cig, then the number of puffs that can be enjoyed out of it is relatively low. For beginners who are trying to make the transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes, the non-reusable ones will provide the experience which can help the person in deciding the best flavor which one wants to use in his/her e-cig. The reusable vaping devices have batteries which can be recharged so many cartridges can be used in such devices. People who are chain smokers should opt for reusable e-cigs as it will provide them with the necessary number of puffs without taking in the huge amount of tobacco.

The chic appearance of e-cig devices

The vaping devices which contain the cartridges are stylishly carved so that it looks visually vibrant. There are many colors and models of vaping devices present in the market. The shape of the gadget also differs according to brands. But almost all models are highly portable for obvious reasons. A person can easily take the e-cig with him/her and then enjoy a puff in a non-restricted area.  The colorful appearance also provides a person with numerous choices which also enhances the overall experience of vaping.

Hence, smoking can be made tobacco-free, and the transition will also be easy, but it is always best to limit the overuse even in the case of e-cigarettes as nicotine is also known as an addictive substance. Make an informed choice so that you can select what is best.


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