Many people suffer from the hair thinning and the white powdery stuff in the hair and on the shoulders. This is due to dandruff which is making home in your hair. But hair thinning and dandruff do not share the common cause but they are very much related to each other. Hair thinning can be the result of dandruff in the hair. While hair thinning can be the problem with hair, dandruff is caused by the infection in the skin of the scalp. There are various reasons which contribute to the rise of dandruff in the hair which is so common that we fail to even notice them. Dandruff has so many consequences on our hair quality and skin. You need to maintain some of the things in your hygiene routine like shampoo ketomac so that you will be spared by these side effects of dandruff.

  1. Hair Loss

It is one of the most common outcomes of dandruff. We always dream of getting thick and shiny hair but due to dandruff, it just remains a dream. The presence of dandruff can destroy the natural ingredients of the scalp, so hair fall becomes the most side effects of dandruff.

  1. Irritation

Dandruff can be very stubborn sometimes and when the condition worsens, it creates irritation very much. And sometimes, you cannot resist yourself from scratching your hair which results in getting you into the embarrassing situations. Furthermore, you have the dry skin on your scalp then you need to give extra attention to keep yourself away from the attack of dandruff on your skin. So if you need to get rid off the side effects of dandruff on your skin, try to keep the moisturized by oils.

  1. Acne

Not only the skin of the scalp is affected by dandruff but it comes brings along the problem of acne and pimples on the skin. They are the type of skin infection and if you leave dandruff untreated or unattended for a longer period, they will expand their territory and your skin will get affected adversely.

  1. Itching

If you are facing the problem of dandruff then you must be tired of all the itching which comes along with this problem. Skin infections can never be worse than itching and dandruff causes the terrible itching in the head which can bring some embarrassment with it. You know it is a bad practice, but you are not able to resist it at all.

  1. Asthma

You might be wondered to see this side effect here but yeah it is one of the most common and harmful effects of dandruff. Since it falls like powdery drops, so you might sometimes inhale and this causes infection in lungs leading to the harmful problems in lungs.

After reading these points you are now aware of all the harmful effects of dandruff then try to maintain distance from this problem. You can go for shampoo and conditioner for dandruff which does not let this problem to grow more.


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