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For many hospitals and health facilities, the use of disposable medical supplies is a fundamental element of operations. From patient safety to equipment storage and other applications, disposable supplies are an everyday aspect of the medical industry. Below are five examples of critical supplies you’re likely to encounter in a day-to-day situation.

slider-img-3_02 The 5 Types of Disposable Medical Supplies Most Frequently Encountered


Humipaks are specially-crafted pouches to be used where quick surgical instrument cleaning is not possible. Preventing the drying out of proteins left on instruments, these pouches consist of two thin layers of film sandwiching a highly absorbent material between them. With the addition of water and a tight seal, the equipment can be safely left for later cleaning.

Autoclave Tape

Hospitals and medical facilities are frequently required to tape medical equipment to patients for ease of use and comfort factors. Autoclave tape is typically the most popular disposable tape for these situations, manufactured to be completely free of latex and including length indicators for economical usage. With excellent bonding characteristics and appropriate for use with a range of sterilisation wraps, this is one of the most common disposable medical supplies available.

Tray Liners

Medical trays are a frequent sight to see in hospitals and surgeries, capable of holding a range of equipment and matter. Of course, it is imperative that each of these trays is covered with a liner for maximum hygiene. Tray liners are an ideal solution to this problem, manufactured using a viscose-based dry-laid fabric to assist with the spread of condensation as well as to achieve dry packs during processing. As a single-use item only, tray liners are commonplace disposable medical supplies.

Bowie-Dick Test Set Sterilisation Monitoring

The Bowie-Dick test is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of a hospital’s day-to-day. Performed in an empty steriliser to start each day, this mandatory test verifies and documents the efficiency of the facilities vacuum pumps. Relying on highly-specific test pads that accurately identify a passed or failed test, most Bowie-Dick tests are available for both porous loads and hollow loads. Unfortunately, each test pad is single-use only, clearly identifying whether a test has passed or not, making it one of the more common disposable medical supplies available.

Soaker Sheets

Keeping equipment dry is a fundamental aspect of many surgical facilities and hospitals. Much like tray liners, soaker sheets are aimed at continually absorbing any possible moisture with significantly higher water absorbency than standard crepe liner. Soaker sheets are typically manufactured using a pure elemental chlorine-free wood pulp, with low chloride and sulphate content as well as minimal optical-brightening agents. With a range of uses and significant benefits, many health facilities will have ample supplies of soaker sheets on hand at any one time.

Disposable Medical Supplies Are Common Place in Medical Facilities

While the rest of society is moving towards reusable products, the medical industry still relies on disposable medical supplies for maximum patient health, hygiene and quality. These five products are all readily available in any hospital and can prove the difference between life and death.


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