snore relief from your partner snoring

This post will brief you about the main causes of snoring and effective snore reliefs that helps in reducing the vibration sound. These remedies help in making sleep experience good for you and your partner along with the relationship. Read to consider. 

While snoring has always been one reason for laughter, this post will tell you about the intensity of this health issue that one shouldn’t overlook. As per the findings, around 59% of the people snore on a regular basis, 28% of which experience serious sleep apnea problems. Further, around 40% of the adults’ snore at night makes the sleeping experience for the snorer and the partner disturbing and frustrating at the same time.

Thus, to get some snore relief for enjoyable sleep, below are the details about the causes of snoring and its effective treatments. 

  1. The cause of snoring: 

While many consider it a usual sleeping pattern, there are various reasons associated with the cause of loud snoring sound. While the foremost reason is the obstruction created with the nose and throat tissue leading to vibration, many reasons trigger this problem.

  • Excess body weight is one cause as the extra flesh around the neck leads to snoring.
  • Habits like smoking, alcohol, and certain pills intake before bedtime relaxes the nerve muscles creating clogging and loud snoring sound.
  • Lying on the back-sleeping posture provokes the snoring sound as the throat muscle relaxes, thus narrowing the airway.
  • Stuffed nose or blocked airway is yet another reason for vibrating sound.
  • Last but not the least, age is another factor in the occurrence of snoring as the throat area narrows, and with the loosened muscles, the congestion in the airway causes the snoring sound.
  1. Effective snoring remedies: 

With no delay, one should cure the snoring issue with some of these award-winning snoring treatments mentioned below. These are in the form of some simple lifestyle changes or the use of effective anti-snoring products.

  • If lying down on your back is your favorite sleeping posture, it is time to change it. Sleeping on the side will avoid collapsing of the tongue and soft palate. You can use a body pillow to maintain the posture.
  • Overweight is another prime reason for the snoring sound. Shedding the extra weight will also help in reducing the throat tissue, creating an open space for easy airflow. Regular exercise and a healthy eating habit is essential.
  • Limiting alcohol, smoking, and other sedatives a few hours before sleep is another remedy. As these products relax the throat muscles way too much, the congestion in the airway passage leads to loud vibrating sound.
  • An 8-hour sleep schedule is one of the important measures as an exhausted body causes throat and neck muscles to overly relax. The blockage then creates a roaring sound.
  • Clearing the nasal passage before hitting the bed works wonders. Hot shower, anti-snoring nasal spray, and saltwater are some effective solutions.
  • Say no to enormous meals and dairy products before bedtime to avoid the snoring problem.
  • Other than the above lifestyle changes, using an anti-snoring nasal spray is one of the effective regimes for the snorer and the partner too.
  • Anti-snoring nasal strips are yet another medium to reduce the congestion inside the nasal passage.


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