implant retained dentures
implant retained dentures

When the teeth go missing during an old age or have to be pulled out, it is only dentures that can come to your rescue. However, the ones who wear the dentures are not usually happy with them. It is slightly uncomfortable to wear them, and one might take ample time to get accustomed to them. But, if you choose a good dental practitioner, he or she will help you with proper fitting. The implant retained dentures come with the ability to fit in the jawbone.  If you have any dental problems and replace your original teeth with some denture then you can consult with your dentist. A professional dentist can easily detect the dental issue and they can suggest you the best dentures.

What are the benefits of Implant Retained Dentures?

Implant supported dentures have many benefits and you need to know about these dentures before wearing. Here you can find some useful benefits of permanent denture implantation:

# Firm Support:

If you look at the regular dentures, you might come up with ample complaints and one of them is loose support. The convention dentures at times move out of their place making it extremely inconvenient for the user to eat or talk properly. Not to mention people with such dentures can eat soft foods only. However, if you have implanted retained dentures, you will not face any such issues. They come with titanium posts which are known to be secured in the jaw. They are placed through surgery, so you do not have to undergo any severe pain. It automatically rules out the possibility of adhesive or clasping. So, when it comes to biting, chewing or even talking, your dentures get a firm support just like your natural teeth.

# Looks exactly like Real:

One can easily make out dentures. They come with a fake shine and fitting at times make it evident. However, when you have the implant retained dentures, people cannot identify your artificial teeth and you can feel them as your natural teeth only. They are secured under the gum line which gives them a perfectly natural appearance. Also, you will feel extremely confident wearing them and you will not have to deal with any questions about the fake dentures anymore.

# Prevents Bone Loss:

Not many people know that when you lose a tooth, the bone starts to wither away. Soon the soft tissues lose their firmness too. Even if you choose to wear the regular dentures, your gums will not get the firm support. However, when you choose the implant retained dentures, you simply secure the place just like your natural teeth. Automatically, you cut down the chances of losing the soft tissues and the loosening gums. So, it is always best to go for the retained dentures to keep up with your oral health which in turn supports your entire health. Apart from that, expect the natural growth, these dentures can provide you all facilities like natural teeth, and you do not need to maintain them with any additional supports and dental solution.

# Less Painful:

No matter how critical or complicated the procedure might appear to you, but in reality, it is not as painful as the regular ones. Getting the implant retained dentures are lesser invasive and you will not have to wait for a longer time for the new teeth to merge with the surrounding bone. There is no need for grafting process which is usually implanted during the regular denture implants. So, you will not have to undergo of the painful procedures.

All you would need is a skilled dental practitioner who can get you through the implant retained dentures procedure safely. Along with that, if you want to implant the denture partially then consult with the dentist and ask them about the partial implantation of denture.


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