teeth whitening
teeth whitening

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate have adverse effects on your teeth and they are said to stain the teeth. During winter these drinks are absolutely essential. But given the negative impact that they have on your teeth the first concern to strike you is how you can retain your pearly whites while sipping in these delicious drinks.

But do not worry! Here are some ways by which you can maintain the colour of your teeth in the best possible way. Just read on.

Drink Water Between the Beverages That Stain – You should always go for the potentially staining drinks in moderation and always opt for drinking water between each drink that you take. Water is great for the overall health and will help to wash away the dark liquids from the teeth. That is why you should try to alternate a sip of tea, coffee or hot chocolate with water sip. As an addition to that, the flavored beverage will last longer.

Use a Straw – The amount of liquid to which the teeth come to contact with can be reduced by sipping the liquid with the help of a straw. You can drink through the little stir trick that is provided from the Coffee Shop instead of using a straw. If you feel uncomfortable to drink hot beverages this way. You can then reserve it when you drink iced tea or when you are alone.

Brush Your Teeth After – The longer the liquid sits on your teeth the more intense the staining will be. Carry a toothpaste and a toothbrush so that you can get instantly get freshened up after your coffee break. This way you can prevent the stain from sitting in.

Use the Whitening Products – There are a number of whitening mouthwashes and toothpastes and you can try these if you frequently drink dark beverages after asking your dentist. You can also get sugar-free gums in the market that can help you to keep the stains at bay. Chewing the sugar-free gums also help to produce saliva which in turn assists in keeping your mouth clean and fresh.

You Should Floss – Plaque also gives rise to stains. Reducing plaque in general will also help to reduce the staining. If you don’t floss you may end up with the stains around the surface of the teeth even if you brush on a regular basis.

Go for Professional Teeth Whitening and Then Use the Bleaching Products– Another way to keep your teeth white is to get the teeth professionally whitened or bleached at the reputed clinic of teeth whitening in Delhi where you will get adept professionals and the latest technology to cater to your every need. After that use the bleaching products as suggested by your dentist.

You should follow these steps in order to maintain your million dollar smile throughout winter as you sip in your hot and lip-smacking drinks. These will help you to feel warm and snug without impacting your sparkling smile that is an asset to retain for a lifetime.


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