Music is the leading factor which evokes the emotional strength of people from the media centers. Music is used in commercials in order to attract the viewer attention as per the product. Like if the product is for the kids, they allocate such kind of music tunes which attracts the child attention and same for the Youngsters boys and girls. Even the commercial releases get the old people attention in order to sale the product which could be used only by senior citizens.

Actually, a music commercial is not considered to be a success until it doesn’t gain the focus of viewers who are watching some kind of television programs or movies. Music should relate to the properties of commercial in order to make it a cohesive work and provide the message effectively. Music in the commercials should receive an emotional response from the viewers in the shape of excitement and tears.

A large majority of commercials utilize music in different ways. Music various categories are further divided according to the advertisements and media managers demand. Your music choice in the advertisements should be a convective one, which engages the audience and gains the viewer’s interest in the commercial.


Lyrical Music Commercials
Lyrical music, on the other hand, is also an attention seeking a type of sound involves in various commercials in order to convey its message properly to the target audience. Lyrical music involves mostly extremist which are more closes to the cultures and traditions. The media entertainers give the pop-culture reference in their advertisements that will instantly be recognized by the viewers and their targeted audience.

Instrumental Music Commercials
If you remember any commercials, that involves a background sound of Irish harp a famous musical instrument that influences the audience and fetches their attention towards the advertisement. There are very humorous situations created in the commercials that need a background sound of musical instruments with the help of which audio-engineers fabricated the entertaining noise involving some voiceover sounds in the advertisement. According to a survey conducted in North America in 2010, which reveal that 60% of commercials include instrumental music. There are different musical instruments like Irish harp, Irish flute, acoustic guitars, dulcimer banjo and drums. If we talk about drums related commercials then they target the Punjabi people from all over the world because of their love towards the drums like bodhrans drum, frame drums, and tabor drums.

Inspiring Commercials
Substantially, music is also a source of inspiration and undeniable factor to help in the progressiveness of any brand. As citizens in our society if listen to a national anthem it inspires them to stand for their nation. Hence, music has the strong ability to evoke the emotions and inspiration in people. Some commercials to sell their products like sports goods involves coupled of inspiring and motivational music due to which people tend to take action and discuss that brand with each other. If we take the example of gym-holic persons in our society, they will definitely buy that stuff in order to enhance the beauty of their body structure.
Emotional Commercials:
In one study, music is the emerging factor to increase the emotional response of the public towards brand attitude and purchasing intent, in order to facilitate the brand owners. Emotions are implemented in the music because every owner wants that his brand a uniform image around the world. Music is the concern with the humans thinking and feeling criteria. Music influences on some consumer behavior who also keep a little bit emotional resembles with that particular music and became the targeted of that commercial. Both positive and negative emotions are involved in the commercials.

Songs within Commercials
Some commercials directly include some pop hit songs by investing a huge amount of money in their commercials that increases the chances of commercial getting viral. Because suddenly when the commercial runs on the big screen, it captivates the people from the beginning of the advertisement. It is noticed that people see such kind of commercials completely. On Contrary, very few people glimpse the commercial completely. A famous song”Gangnam Style” used in commercials of babies products like pampers to increase their sales.



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