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Within the scope of music, the same genres by which sympathize, are the same that I will justify as the most recommended to learn; But first I want to say something brief:

When human beings concentrate on looking for the positives of things, and persist in their search. I’m 100% of that, it can go well. But if we start looking for the negative, which is hurting us, which is not going to help us at all. There are many chances that, we go wrong in many areas of our lives, because we usually live making decisions based on our customs, our culture, what we have learned in the environment around us, what our parents have taught us, Our families and friends; Without failing to mention Education That we have acquired with the passing of time, which has a great influence on the things we decided.

Then, Is there, In each of those things I just mentioned, the root of our decisions is concentrated, no matter how good or bad.

And I’m going to give you a very clear example of the music listening to youth in Latin America and especially in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The favorite music of young people between 7-25 years of age, is the Reggaeton and the Dembow, two genres that for me, they have poisoned the minds of the youngest, because it is a junk music, which calls for violence, drugs, crime, robbery, robbery, easy money, vices, and all the bad that can exist. But if this were not enough, it is a music that also denigrates to the women, removing the value that they have like human beings, faltándoles the respect and Humillándolas, then this type of music does not teach anything positive, nothing to which one can take no profit , only seeks to promote evils Within our societies, it motivates man and woman to commit INFIdelidades against each other.

and both the Reggaeton As the Dembow, they keep our youths immersed in ignorance, which leads them to material and intellectual misery. Because that’s what they’ve filled the brain with, junk music. Although we can find some songs that leave a good message, this does not reduce the negative impact produced by both genders in the mind and the way of life of youth. Because we have realized that they act based on what they hear.

But now let’s talk about music that is beneficial for us and for our future; For that reason I will divide my arguments by gender. Because it all depends on what you want to learn.

  1. Pop in English: If you really want to learn to master the English language as a second language, you must immerse yourself in this musical genre, so that you will be accustomed to your ears and your senses to the grammar and pronunciations of words, only in this way, watching videos Lyrics On digital platforms like Youtube And Vimeo, you can acquire more knowledge about this language and as it is spoken, I think this is one of the most effective and fun because listening to music does not get bored, you feel happy, feeling and adrenaline, ie, you feel comfortable . And the vast majority of the time when we begin to study on any subject, no matter what it is, we can weigh and lazy. But if you listen to pop music in English, that can’t happen. It’s practically impossible, for two simple reasons:

First: You’re studying and learning at the same time. Second: These combat the boredom or the grief that causes the study certain subjects. Third: You feel happy and excited because the rhythm of the music and its lyrics are contagious from head to toe. The same happens when you want to learn any other language, you have to listen to their music so you can get used to it.

  1. Romantic music: A lot of people, who have fallen in love, have had some courtship, some marriage, have felt something for someone else, know very well what happens when they break the heart, when they fail or betray. I think we have all gone at least once for that, and everything is a product of our bad decisions, not knowing how to choose our average orange, not to take the advice of the Others, not to take us from what we were warned; And anything in a relationship can make us feel bad or hurt us, for the simple fact of being human beings, full of mistakes, full of madness and complexity.

And I personally, who has also had his bad experiences in loving relationships, I can advise without fear of mistaken that the best way to learn from our past in this area of life, is to look for information we need and at the time We need them. What do I mean? Get information in romantic music, because this can help us to overcome those negative situations of our past, to learn from them so as not to continue making the same mistakes. Today, we can realize what is the constructive and positive content of this genre of music for us. Because when music makes sense, it is full of truths, realities, are a sequence of things that happen to all of us, tell interesting stories of love and couple, speak perfectly of those tricks that every man and every woman must learn so that they can Open your eyes and not be deceived so easily by people who only seek to hurt our hearts and play with our feelings.

I also think that this music is extremely important To learn because, many people do not like to read books of love, relationships and partner. So what can be done in cases like these, listen to romantic music with some good speakers from website, and in doing so that content is recorded in our minds more easily than when we read a book.

  1. Revolutionary music: How I told them before, I am a lover of justice, of the right, of the collective well-being of all and not of a small group. Therefore, this very interesting genre can help us to have a better idea about the struggle of the masses, it illustrates to us that both we must import the Fatherland as good citizens that we are called to be, gives us a very different vision of what is called Protest, this music seeks to put in the mind of every perSona the importance that has protesting, seeks to put that feeling of homeland that is needed in many people who remain indifferent to the problems that go through their communities every day, this music seeks to deprive people of conservatism They have buried in the depths of their being, and I think we should have that feeling, that love for the Fatherland, because by protesting and To fight against the injustices, against the theft of the public resources, against the poor quality of the services provided by our Governments, against their bad acts and actions, against the behaviors of those who direct and govern us , we are looking for the best for everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, social position or anything else.

When you protest the changes can be given, depending on the magnitude of the efforts we make, and depending on What So United are the people. An example of the fight was Martin Luther King, who did not get tired until he achieved his goals so that dark-skinned people could have the same rights and privileges as whites. And that is why we condone revolutionary music as a method of learning, because it serves as a guide, as an example, and is the one that motivates us to take action against what is wrongly done.

  1. Christian Music: During the experience I have had as a Christian that I am, one of the most important things in our life, is to be able to fill that spiritual emptiness that we all have at birth; And no one Born in the flesh is going to fill that emptiness, not even ourselves as intelligent as we are; The only one who can do it is God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, that who sent his only son to die for All humanity.

Listening to this type of music we can learn to behave, to walk properly, to handle with great care to every situation that happens in life, this is a music that educates you, gives you examples of teachings Very large; Which we must take advantage of, since we live in a world so corrupted, that the abundance of sin, of bad actions, of bad behaviors are to the order Day.

With this type of music we can learn to be better people, more solidarity, more clean of heart, healthier, More conformists with what we have, provoke in us a greater happiness (at least in the Christians) because if you are not a Christian it is very difficult that your ear inclines to listen to this Gender, but after having known God for a long time, your life is not again the same, not You will act the same way as you did before, you will not make decisions without asking first: would this Jesus christ, is this within the biblical parameters?, have I consulted with God to make this decision?, among other things.

At last, All that I just mentioned In the preceding paragraph is reflected in the Bible, the way we should be and behave; But It sounds more fun if we hear it With rhythm Through music.

I consider that ESTE is a musical genre Totally healthy and good profit, serves to combat depressions and frustrations, give you encouragement, They give you encouragement and help you to make sense of life and everything created.


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