Deadly gangsters and Dark secrets

Mafia is a ZEE5 original web-series released on 10th July 2020, Friday. If you are thinking that this Hindi web-series is about some deadly gangsters with guns just like Gangs of Wasseypur or Mirzapur, then you are highly mistaken. This web-series is about the game of life called Mafia, which slowly leads to a murder mystery. Dark secrets of the characters that turn out into a crime mystery and tangle up with each other.


This is the story of six friends with different personalities and backgrounds. They have been inseparable since their college days. But their friendship became intoxicated by betrayal and backstabbing hence eventually they got hooked up by the game of Mafia. They reveal their dark secrets through this game of life.

The story begins with these six friends who come to a forest of Madhupur in Jharkhand for the retreat program to rejuvenate their old college days memories, being totally unaware of what is waiting for next. Their whole world gets upside down just within two days. What happens to them? Will they be able to solve the mystery together or they will end being strangers to each other? You will get the answers to all these questions only after watching the whole web series of Mafia. There are a total of eight episodes and every episode is about 30 minutes. So, you can watch the whole series in four hours altogether.

Plot and direction

The Mafia is a new age psychological thriller mystery series produced by Parambrata Chatterjee and Eskay Movies and directed by  Birsa Dasgupta, a talented Bengali director. Director Birsa Dasgupta cleverly narrates the story and characters at the same time. There are some adult scenes but it will not be labelled as only a sexual content series. The story talks about our so-called sophisticated society and how a low-class person gets treated in the society. They are being deprived for years and cannot have minimum human rights and respect.


The casting of characters so perfect that you can connect with them emotionally. You will be forced to hate and love the characters at the same time. The dilemma and secret of the lead characters will drive you into an emotional state. each one of the episodes is full of surprises. You will able to unfold each of the mysteries as the story moves forward, keeping you hooked on the screen. Namit Das plays the lead character in this web series. His extraordinary performance took the series to a next level. He fits in the character so well as a Dalit police officer who fights for his community.  Bengali actor Anindita Bose makes the character of Neha very promising and other important character performances by Madhurima Roy (as Tanya), Tanmay Dhanania (as Rishi) and Ishaa M Saha (as Ananya) deserve a big round of applause.

There is a bonus gift for the regional viewer. You can watch this series in your Regional language only on ZEE5. The web series will be dubbed in Bangla, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu as well.

So, if you are looking for the perfect thriller series then you should definitely try out Mafia. It has a gripping plot and will keep you hooked onto your screen.


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