chicken schnitzel

If you are a food lover and travel across the globe, a visit to Israel must be there on your bucket list. Israel is blessed with amazing food with a wide range of mouth-watering varieties of dishes. Talking about Israeli food you cannot go without a mention of its world-famous chicken schnitzel. While in the country, you should look for crumbed chicken schnitzel paired with french fries or a salad for more calorie-conscious eating.

The popularity of the dish has now taken it out of its home country. Chicken schnitzel is now made in almost all countries in its core form and also in different native variants. It is a simple easy-to-make dish that is also easy on your pockets. Over time, it has become a mainstay in everyone’s kitchen owing to its wonderful satisfying taste. While you can experiment and make your own special recipe we bring to you some interesting secrets about the dish.

  • Where this all begin

Chicken schnitzel is a tasty popular cuisine in Israel. It is served to the foodies throughout the country however, it has its roots in Australia. Yes. It is seldom known that this dish originated in Australia with pork and veal (wiener schnitzel) as traditional choices for meat for its preparation. Its fried version later traveled with the European Jews to Israel who made it popular there. There, they made their own version of the dish and replaced expensive pork and non-kosher veal with turkey and chicken.

Since then the dish has seen many changes and experiments before it became a staple to your kitchen. In the present times, every restaurant in Israel serves some poultry schnitzel to its guests. It was traditionally served with lemon juice that was used to protect the meat from going bad in the absence of a refrigerator. However, presently it has become more interesting with spicy mustard and sauce dips.

  • A gluten-free recipe for chicken schnitzel

An interesting approach to schnitzel is making it gluten-free. It would be a delicious surprise for many fitness freaks and people with gluten intolerance. You can substitute breadcrumbs from a breaded schnitzel with almond meal to make it more delicious and healthy. You can add some za’atar spices to enhance its flavor. You can order the za’atar spice mix from any online store. However, you need to make sure that it does not contain fillers to keep the health quotient intact. Almond meal also slashes down the carb intact and makes the dish apt for checking your carb intake. A hint of mint and sesame seeds will give you freshness and crunch that takes the dish to another level.

  • What you can serve with your chicken schnitzel

Making a single dish for your meal can be boring. You can pair your chicken schnitzel with several side dish options that further enhance the experience. Conventionally the dish is served with french fries. However, you can pick some interesting and healthier options such as salads and hummus. Pair your schnitzel with Israel salad or any other vegetable salad of your choice. Grilled veggie salad is a great option that adds crunch, freshness, and a subtle smoky flavor. You can also try some mashed potatoes with rosemary and garlic for a yummy and dreamy experience.


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