The majority of piano problems occur due to the way you take care of your instrument. Moving and storing piano safely is also a part of piano care. Don’t take a dim view of the benefits of hiring professional piano movers cross country. They are not going to bleed you dry with the piano moving cost. If you do a little research, you can find affordable yet reliable piano movers cross country. Storing a piano in an inappropriate environment is also responsible for several piano problems. You, the piano user being irresponsible is the third big reason causing piano problems.

A piano is an instrument known for producing beautiful music. A great pianist playing a high-quality piano, this is absolutely a feast for the ears. Even when you are not a music connoisseur, you are going to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, when this instrument stops working properly, the sound quality will be below par and the sound can be very frustrating as well. While some piano problems can be easily fixed, most of the times, you will have to find someone who can repair your piano especially when you are unable to identify the problem. You can easily avoid these problems by handling the piano with care, moving it safely with the assistance of professional piano movers in San Francisco and storing it properly. Here are the common piano problems. You will also find some tips for fixing these problems.

Sticky Keys     
This piano problem is a frustrating one. You are enjoying the music you are playing or you are mastering your piano playing skills and all of a sudden you find that some of the keys are sticky. These keys work only when you push them hard. You can get this problem fixed by calling professionals. Don’t delay. You will end up with a broken hammer, otherwise. A broken hammer will be an expensive fix.     

Dirty Keys
This happens when you are not cleaning and maintaining your piano regularly. Not cleaning will even make sharps lose their color. You will find dirt and grime forming on keys. You can repair some yellowed keys. However, if the dirt is accumulated on the internal components of the instrument, you cannot clean the instrument at home. There are different cleaning methods for cleaning different components of the piano. So, find professionals when it comes to cleaning the piano.

Damaged Ivory Keys
Ivory piano keys tops are designed to look beautiful. However, with years of use, ivory keys become damaged and chipped. Ivory key tops are less commonly available. You will have to buy a new key.    

Unpleasant Sounds
When you are playing the instrument, you expect pleasant sounds. However, sometimes you do not get what you expect. Here comes the surprise. The piano is producing strange or rattling sounds. Tune is often changed when the wooden parts such as soundboard start swelling or shrinking with changing temperature and humidity. However, there can be some other reason which only professionals can spot. Following are the common reasons behind a piano producing unpleasant sounds:          

  • Broken wire
  • Loose screws
  • Out of tune piano
  • Worn felt on pedal
  • Sometimes it happens when a foreign object falls into the piano.

Seek professional assistance if your piano is producing unpleasant sound.  


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