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Trumpet is a royal instrument. it is generally used in jazz and classical ensembles. It is an integral part of any orchestra and it gives a different edge to songs. 

Let’s discuss why you should definitely join a trumpet lesson or continue practicing the instrument. 

1.No instrument can match the sound of the trumpet 

It is one of the loudest instruments there is. This is why trumpeters are often lead players. If you are trumpeter performing in a jazz ensemble that you will probably get to play the melody. This gives you a spot light and your piece is noticeable to the audience. 

2. Strengthen your core muscles

Learning trumpet isn’t just about playing musical notes, it also helps you to become fit. It is known that to play the trumpet you need to have strong breath since it is a windpipe instrument. You also need to regulate your exhale-inhale cycle so make the desired sound. Therefore, you need to hone your breathing skills. While doing so you automatically improve your lung capacity and strengthen your core muscles. Trumpeters generally stand while playing the instrument, along with various breathing exercises. This proves to be a great soft exercise for your body as well as your brain. 

3. Easily portable and not so expensive 

Big music instrument like piano, or a harp are difficult to carry around for shows and concerts, but that it not the case with the trumpet. You can pack your instrument in its case and it is ready to travel the world with you. Instruments come in all sizes and shapes. There is a wide variety available in the market, but the beginner’s trumpet is comparatively cheaper. You can buy more expensive models as you advance in the field. 

4. It isn’t that difficult to learn 

If you are looking for instrument to add in your music repertoire then trumpet can be a great choice. Every instrument requires exceptional skills and expertise when performing on a professional level but it is easier to learn the trumpet at the beginner and intermediate level. There are just three valves on the trumpet that you need to master. 

5. Improves mental health

Not everyone who plays the trumpet earns their living by it, still people chose to learn to play musical instrument. It is because music has different meanings for different people. Some use it as a form of self-expression while some use it as a way to vent out their emotions. Therefore, it is a great exercise to keep a check on your mental health.

These were some advantages of learning the trumpet. It is a wonderful instrument which will definitely add a whole new dimension to your personality if you choose to play it. Make sure you take professional trumpet lessons so that you don’t loose interest in the instrument and also learn the right techniques of playing it. so, what are you waiting for book a trumpet lesson now!

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