3 Live Acts to Watch in Minneapolis
3 Live Acts to Watch in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a city that works to prove itself.  Although it’s one of the two twin cities, it has its own identity and vibrance.  The shows you can catch when you visit range from magic to music and comedy- and you could spend months getting to know the nightlife.  If you want to view the best of the best and enjoy seeing things that critics are raving about- these are the top three acts to watch while you’re in town.

Bill Arnold, Comedy Magician

Out of all of the Minneapolis magicians out there, Bill Arnold pulls ahead.  Not only does he have a positive and fun outlook on life, but his magic and comedy also make him a great person to MC any show or performance for you.  His routines are highly recommended and reviewed, with critics saying they’d love to come back for more concerts at any time.  If you’re unaccustomed to comedy magic, you can learn a lot from him.  Co-writer and Co-star of the internationally acclaimed show Triple Espresso, he’s no stranger to the stage and no stranger to thinking quickly.  His performances are scheduled well ahead of time, so make sure to grab your tickets while you can!

Cirque Du Soleil, Corteo

This show circles the country but arguably has its best performances in Minneapolis.  Trained acrobats, dancers, and illusionists work together to create a scene like none other.  This show is based around an Italian clown who visits his funeral and the strange and unworldly things.  Although the plot may sound sad or weird, it has a lot to offer that any fan of Cirque Du Soleil would love to watch.  There is some audience participation with this, which allows you to immerse yourself further in the story.  No two viewings are precisely the same, and you won’t get bored!

Trampled By Turtles, Musicians

If you want a show that will wake you up and get your heart hammering, this band has it for you.  Based in Duluth, with members all over the state of Minnesota, Trampled By Turtles has been garnering more and more of a cult following for the last decade.  At least once a year, in Minneapolis, they perform their hearts out, playing chart-topping albums like Palomino, which stayed in the Bluegrass top ten for a full year.  Their music brings something out of people that most of us don’t realize we’re missing.  It’s soulful, fun, and the whole band’s action is enough to bring people to their feet.  They’ve toured all over the world but always have time to perform for their home state.  If you want a live show with great music and lyrics- keep an eye out for Trampled By Turtles.

The best way to catch these shows comes with a little planning.  Although it would be fun to see all three on the same weekend, the emotional high of all of them would be overwhelming!  Instead, don’t fear coming back again and again- Minnesota is here to keep you excited.


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