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Online education has a much briefer history in comparison to on campus education. However, in the turn of modern events, online or distance learning seems to be staying and will continue developing.

According to research, 86% learners online consider the value of the degree they get is equal or even greater than the cost they paid for pursuing it. Amongst the people who have attended traditional and online courses, 85% said that learning online is better than attending campus courses. Although it seems to be the preferred mode of learning nowadays there are always both sides to any coin. Hence, we are going to study both the advantages and disadvantages of online education and observe how it effects the academic scenario.

Pros of Online Education

  1. Flexibility

Online programs do not require the student’s physical presence and neither do they follow a specific time table so the students are free to create their own schedules according to their convenience and learning pace. It provides complete flexibility for coursework completion at any time and from anywhere. You can balance your chores and errands easily with school work and move it around to suit your needs.

  1. Learn and Earn

There are several students who are juggling both academics and full-time employment together to develop their career side by side. Distance learning allows you to have a schedule during which you can learn and work simultaneously and can even shoulder the responsibility of paying your way through university. Working students can get assistance from cheap reliable essay writing service online that will provide them top quality essays to pass their courses.

  1. No geographical boundaries

There are no geographical limitations when it comes to online learning. You can benefit from these classes anywhere, no matter in which country or state it is in. This way you can choose the programs you prefer in any university which is offering them and not worry about travel and boarding expenses.

  1. Affordable

Even if you are on a tight budget you can still carry on your education online as it saves a lot of expenditure upon parking, fuel, childcare, books and more. As most online courses are self-paced, they give you the opportunity to graduate in a lesser amount of time than a traditional course schedule. The less time it takes to finish your studies the lower the cost is that you spend on education. The tuition fee of most online degree programs is also lower.

  1. Tech awareness

Usage of technology is an essential part of distance learning. Having access to study material through devices, submission of assignments through websites, and participating upon forums in order to interact with teachers and classmates on a daily basis allow a person to become more tech savvy than students who are studying on campus.

Cons of Online Education

  1. Quality

In spite of its growth and popularity, people question the validity and quality of distance learning. The biggest reason behind it is the existence of diploma mills online which are known to hand out false degrees. So it is important to pursue your online degree from an accredited university and after confirming the authenticity of the courses you are taking.

  1. Accountability

There tends to be a lack of student accountability, as procrastination can take over without a physical instructor to oversee and demand attentiveness. The whole schedule is self-imposed so it takes a huge amount of discipline, concentration and motivation to stay on track and stick with the learning till the end.

  1. Self-directed learning

Online learning is basically self-directed. If you are a student who requires attention from the instructors to help with the more complex phases of coursework, it can become pretty challenging for you. It can enable you to become an independent learner yet its certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. Lack of feedback and individual attention

Experts of 6$Essay says, Online classes can create feelings of isolation. This is considered its biggest disadvantage but there are ways to overcome that. There are blended courses which are a combination of distance learning and classroom teaching in order to give you a more classroom like experience.

With the spread of technology, online learning is the future of education. It has its disadvantages but efforts are being made to make the system more efficient and flawless for the delivery of knowledge wherever it is needed.


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