Study in France
Study in France

Australia has always been known for offering excellent education and practical environment for international students to gain skills and competence in engineering. These include software, aeronautics, and aerospace, architecture, civil, environmental engineering courses, technical and further education (tafe) programs.

Engineering education Australia is the reliable voice of learning and engineers Australia is the training and development movement of Australia.  With 80 technical, business management and graduate courses offer a certified collection; invented individually for engineers and related professionals.

There are many benefits in getting an education in a foreign country, enhancing our knowledge and knowledge about the world, people and places in contact with a distant land and exposure to a different culture. Studying in a foreign country means abandoning the comfort of a familiar environment and facing new challenges, this strengthens our flexibility and strengthens us for life and creates a habit of free thinking.

Australia is one of the main destinations of international students for higher education. courses are approved for continuous professional development hours with the results of learning formed with the international standards of engineering practices – engineers Australia’s chartered efficiency.

Quality of Australian education is recognized worldwide, employers prefer Australian degrees and Australian educated candidates have a higher chance of landing jobs than any other. the Australian education system prepares a person for the global challenge; programs are designed in such a way that the student receives the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career in the relevant field

The professional year in engineering is the only Australian government-run work-ready program developed to increase the job capability of engineering graduates recently.

Developed by engineering education Australia (eea), professional year in engineering prepares overseas engineers for Australian workplace this is the only work-ready program for Australian government-run engineers and provides a route for study from Australia.

The engineering professional year program serves as a great way to gain insight into Australian workplace and to increase employment potential skills. This includes 32 weeks of practical training and 12 weeks of internship placement.

During the 32-week period, you can learn effective resume writing and interview techniques to work in Australia through workshops and to gain an understanding of Australian business health and safety requirements.

Australian professors encourage independent thinking and give students maximum opportunity to express their views, and develop them with their insights and expertise. with great facilities and infrastructure, multicultural students’ communities in Australian campuses, learn and share together and build lifelong partners.

Internships provide a great opportunity to build a strong network of peers and professionals in 12 weeks of placement and apply practical training in the workplace.

in order to qualify for a business year program in engineering, you are required to:

  • graduates from a related higher education program within Australia (minimum 2-year duration)
  • currently holding or applied for provisional graduate visa (sub-class 485, either stream) with the validity of at least 12 months
  • minimum ielts score 6 in each band or equivalent
  • provide valid skills evaluation with cpa, ipa or ca

About the professional year program

You will be given an overview of the program, which helps in preparing the migrant engineers for the Australian workplace. You will also be advised that what is expected and expected of you during 44-weeks. Orientation will give you the opportunity to answer your questions.

Distributed in online learning and classroom-based activity learning, the business year has set-up classes for reviewing and facilitating better networking and communication with reviewers and teachers during the 32-week period. the classes are part-time and either 2 weeks in full week or week in one week.

Professional year students are given the opportunity to work as a trainee for 12 weeks with a hosting company. Working full time gives business year students an invaluable experience in the form of engineers. they can also reach a guardian in the entire workplace.

Upon successful completing professional year program engineering, you will be eligible to apply for 5 migration points which can be used for test visas for all points. you will also understand the Australian occupational health and safety requirements and become a professional member of engineers Australia.


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